I was in my early teens when I first used a welder. Got sidetracked after High School working on cars and getting Journeyman ticket in Auto Mechanics. Then heard call of the road and lost over a decade of my life behind the wheel. The last 3 years I owned my own winch tractor & lowbed. Now at 34 I no longer drive 'em, I just build 'em. Started out with SMAW to learn the puddle. Now SMAW, GMAW, FCAW self-shield and dual-shield, GTAW, CAC and very little OAW. CAC and SMAW for repairs. Usually GMAW (short circuit & spray arc) and FCAW dual shield for new fabrication. Lots of QT-100 steel and 44W Mild steel over 1-1/2" thick so pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment is required. GMAW is usually .035" or .045" S-6 wire 85/15 Argon/CO2 blend. FCAW usually Hobart Fabco 110 .045" same gas or sometimes a version of a T-91 for repairs.