Thanks Sundown for info. I have never welded anodized so all the info is good. Matter of fact I have only been learning T.I.G the last 4-5 yrs. Still learning. Where I work, Tig is not used, just MIG [shop] and stick [road work]so I've learned about tig sorta own my own. I really enjoy it. I have a small business on the side and thats where I play with the TIG...ha ha ha [really a mechanic by trade shop foreman now ] but always loved welding and in Fleet equipment repair work have done plenty of it.
Never have fished the white Marlin open, but been to many of them. Lots of fun but now so many people go its difficult to see. When I was growing up we would just sit on the dock and watch then bring fish in. That was along time ago [I'm 42 now] . Do you know which marina the boat is docked at. My sons worked at both big marinias here.