A bandsaw is the only way to go. A chopsaw does have it place but only for very few things. Since getting a bandsaw the chop saw only gets used when I have easy quick cuts on the job site. Those who like a chopsaw better are people who havn't used a good band saw.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do get what you pay for. I good chopsaw can be had for the same price or at least very close to a cheap bandsaw. Saying this don't exspect the same quality in the same price range. You will never regret getting a decent bandsaw. Also the money you will same in consumables will quickly pay for a good bandsaw. This is one point that I see frequently forgotten. I saved over 500.00 in one year which made the bandsaw almost a saving in that same year. Another point is the safety issue. Bandsaws are allot safer. It might surprise you the amount of reported accidents that are reported due to chopsaws vs bandsaws.