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yes, we have quad plugs in our remotes, but those aren't for running rod ovens or stuff like that. the reason for the power cord reel is for 12 amp service all day long. try that with your remote power and you'll burn it out.
Of course all remote auxillarys are tied into a 20 amp machine service, and naturally there is a voltage drop.

We won't run a remote with auxillarys past 100'

This limit has little to do with auxillary voltage drop, and has more to do with increased static on the contol lines returning to the circuit boards in a circuit board controled machine. The 120 Vac signal kicks out interference to the dc control

We incorporate a statc drain and control filter in this type of remote but can onlly handle this interferance to a calculated 100'.

If a customer requires an extention we build it without AC power capability.

Our control heads are removable with a twist lock amphenol, making it simple to switch heads, or add an extension.

There is 10 amps of power on the Miller remote amphenols with 20 amps on the Lincolns.

We twin the Millers to a receptacle to gain the extra 10 amps. We (last 7 years) have not had any problems pulling the power from the 14 pin amphenol off the Lincolns. The same size wire going to the recepacles is going to that machine amphenol and out to our remote.

At this time I'd have to say there are over 5 thousand of our remotes in service in the world. Think somebody would have complained that thier pins were burning up.