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    My apology terrywelds. Looks like a thinner wall in picture. Looks like you have all the bases covered . Keep up the good work. Write up the bill & let's get to another project.

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    Default metal doc

    no need for apology.
    miller bobcat 250
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    a 1954 hobart portable welder w/ willies jeep engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84ZMike View Post
    OSHA is the very least of my worries....I work for a Cat dealer in the industrial div. field service.......the holes don't bother me so much as the ones that have been used to hold a piece of metal that is being cut with a torch .....the forks are heat treated and I have seen the results of welding and cutting on them.......I was at a fab. shop that uses there's as a fixture.....should have seen the look on the guys face when I explained it to him....... I asked for a piece of heat treated stock and when he handed it to me I asked for an o/a set up....we walked over and I picked up the torch and lit it....he asked WTF did I think I was doing...I then asked him why I shouldn't heat it with a torch and put it back in there stock....he stopped right after he got to the failure issues of it (I was asked / told not to come back)
    Do you work on Forklifts in the field div? We have several Cat Forklifts and lots of CAT truck engines. I'm looking for a small set of forks now to fit a small model Bobcat. [home project] Something like about 36" ones. Found a couple sets but are too big. You mean the shop actually welded on theres as a fixture? If so, thats nuts.
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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