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    I got some more information off of the guy about the keel cooling system, he runs it year round, in the winter it gets pretty cold here and they use it around the marina so thats why he uses antifreeze and dosent pick the water up from the lake. Just thought I'd let you know why, cause I didnt have a good reason for you before.

    Thanks for the help

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    Thumbs up Bending black pipe

    Harbor Freight sells a cheap (under $90.00) hydraulic bender that will bend schedule 40 black pipe, all sizes from 1/2" to 2". I've used mine to make dozens of different projects, from truck bumpers to pressure lines. It's true that black pipe isn't legal for NASCAR roll cages, but it's still just mild steel and depending on the application (ie:structural, decorative, etc.) it can be a cheap alterntive to CR steel tube. (Some heavy pipe, like drain lines is cast iron, and is harder to weld) I've used nearly every welding process with the sch40 with success. (Stick,MIG,Oxy/Ac,Braizing) depending on the job with no problems. If you need tighter bends than the bender can produce, you can buy preformed steel fittings that are of the same material. (check "Mc Master-Carr") Just don't try to weld "Malleable Iron" fittings to the steel or you may have cracking problems, and for critical applications take a few minutes with the sander to clean off any scale around the weld.
    Good luck!

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    Default Welding the elbows

    I work for tha railroad and we use the black iron in the brake system on the cars. I welded and tested one of the elbows. I charged it to 90 psi with compressed air and it leaked. I run another beed ( another good one ) and it still leaked. The guys i work with let me learned on my own then told me that it will always crack
    Hope this helps, Canada

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    Buy a real keel cooler, and be done with it,..... if you think iron will outlast copper, or cupro-nickle in a marine enviroment, your not qualified to do the job. Sorry,.... not trying to bash you, it's just a fact.
    Warning to young ladies:
    If you wear loose clothes, beware of the machinery. If you wear tight clothes, beware of the machinist.

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    HI ..Most of the keel coolers I have seen were made out of chanel .Welded to the bottem of the boat ..dosnot work well on wood or fiber glass!!!:

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    the pipe u are referring to is carbon steel while most of your fittings from hardware store would be malleable, not worth welding

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