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Thread: Drying Rack

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    Default Drying Rack

    This is an aluminium drying rack I built for my wife. I almost made the mistake of buying somthing I could build. In the end I made the right choice and was able to make one to her specs for less than the cost of shipping a store bought one
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    Looks great. I see you have cat approval. What are you drying?

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    The wife is an artist so she uses it for paintings and what not.

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    Oh, I see, and I thought you were drying the cat...

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    looks good mate, and I can imagine the cost of buying one (i was picturing a small drying rack for dishes etc looking at the thread title)

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    I had looked at buying her one, but I was able to build this for less than the cost of shipping one. Also as with most things, I was able to build to her spec and get somthing more funtional

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