Hi guys,

New to the forum, not new to tig welding, been using my Thermodynamics tig for 12 years now... anyway I recently bought this 200dx for a "at the track tig" and just getting around to playing with it.... 9 times out of 10 the HF start will not work, where as my other tig as soon as you close the contactor, HF start works right away.. My new 200DX is lucky to start the first try, even after waiting for 5+ seconds... nothing .. crank up the amps and it may start, but will quiclky melt thin alum on start up... if you try the lift tig way it will start.. but that's not how it should work... Most of the time it will just arc... like the ground is not connected to your work peice while HF start is used... ya know, like a spark plug.

Am I missing something here or do I need to send my NEW machine out for service.