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Thread: Dune Buggy

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    What ever happened with this? Any final action shots?

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    Default Pipe Bender: Which One?????????

    Camaro Zach and anyone else,
    You mentioned a "Trick Tools model 3 bender." I want to make some truck racks for my truck and a friends. Looking for a bender. School had a cheap one like Harbor Freight, 1/2 moon with hydraulic in the middle pushing up/rollers on each side. Left some REALLY nice dents where the rollers are. I want SMOOTH bends! Pro Tools has "the Brute" for $3,000 with the hydraulic pump. Wonder if that is what I want.....? Any tips from anyone else?
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    Sorry I missed your replies Mingoglia and Bert.

    I don't have any action shots - the kid I was building with decided to sell it after it sat in his driveway rusting away over the past year.

    Bert - is the model I have. Unless you are bending pipe or tubing daily a standard ratchet unit like this should be fine vs. a hydraulic unit. It takes a bit of effort to bend some of the thicker stuff but it is pretty easy overall and much easier on the wallet.
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