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Thread: Dune Buggy

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    Default Dune Buggy

    so my friend wanted to build a dune buggy but has no fabrication skills at all so i told him i'd help him out and show him everything i know on the subject as we build it. Got the 1 5/8" .120 wall DOM tubing on friday along with the 1 1/2 .250 wall DOM for the 4 link and the control arms. Were using a Trick Tools model 3 bender which i am quite impressed with. drivetrain is a chevy 350/350 and a 10 bolt rearend (will upgrade when it breaks)

    the only thing i dont like about how its turning out is the rear main hoop, it looks too wide.
    but anyways let me know what you think. BTW: there will be alot more triangulation, the top rails are just sitting there right now.
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    looks like fun what are you use for front suspension? you fab your own or use straight axle? we are going to build one next year i think useing and s-10 rear and doing mods. to the frame and build a cage with 305/350th

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    we have s10 spindles and brakes and balljoints so im going to build the arms for the front. He has an s10 rearend too but its pretty narrow, so i traded him my 8.5" out of the camaro since im not going to use it and its got a limited slip.
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    Default equipment

    Looks like you got the equipment to build this thing..Good luck on your project!
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    Thanks Farris.

    Got a little bit more work done today, lemme know what you think.
    BTW the metal isnt rusted, thats just the residu from the oils or something
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    what does something like this sell for in your area?

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