a jew, a muslim, and a televangelist are all traveling together. late one night when they finally decide to stop for the night, the only building around is an old farm house. the three knock on the door and the farmer comes to the door. they tell him they need a place to stay for the night. he agrees to let them stay but one of the has to sleep in the barn. well the jew steps up and says he'll sleep out side. they all go to bed and 10 minutes later the jew comes back "i cant sleep out there w/ the pigs. it wouldn't be kosher" so then the muslim agrees to sleep outside. once again they all go to bed and 10 minutes later the muslim comes back. "i can not sleep out there! the cow is sacred in my religion, i am not worthy" the televangelist finally agrees to sleep in the barn. they all go to bed, once again. ten minutes later the farmer hears another knock on the door. when he opens it, there standing are the cow and pig.