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  • ajherhold
    started a topic Torch Handle Heating Up

    Torch Handle Heating Up

    Hey y'all

    Need some advice. I've been brazing and light welding with my Smith Toughcut oxy-acetylene setup for the past year and a half or so, and I've noticed something lately.

    After working on a piece for a while, (brazing and/or welding), the torch tip and handle get pretty...
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  • welder625
    started a topic Victor Torch ID

    Victor Torch ID

    I have Victor torch that I bought at a flea market for a very good price. I am trying to ID it so I can repair the gas valve, will not shut off completely. The torch has what appears to be a model number of WH-2600 and a few other numbers that I can not make out because of scratches. I have looked on...
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  • Sears torch repair: What material should the o-rings be made from? What Harris model?

    I have a model 313.54406 Sears torch handle and a model 313.54408 Sears cutting torch. It was really made by Harris. Does anyone know the corresponding Harris model numbers?

    I'm asking because the the o-rings on both the welding and on the cutting torch pieces need to be replaced. With...
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  • dadeamann
    started a topic help with the shopmaster 300

    help with the shopmaster 300

    hi all,
    i bought a shopmaster 300 for a really good price. its my first welder. i got it for $150 at an auction from my school. i need to make a power cable for it and it needs a tig torch. being new to welding i have no idea what fits what. do you have any suggestions to what tig torch will work...
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  • Help: A Question of cutting torches & math . . . :-)

    Hi Folks,
    Just learning and I'm looking for a formula, if there is one for getting a ballpark figure of how much O2 and how much gas to bring to a jobsite for cutting.
    Is there a formula that includes the following factors:
    Thickness of material
    Length of cut
    O2 in...
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  • OldIron
    started a topic Antique Motorcycle Gas Tank

    Antique Motorcycle Gas Tank

    My 47 Indian has a tank that was lead/soldered together, I dissassembled it to do repairs, and I need to know everything about how to reassemble it, including what kind of solder. Will solder pull right into the seams like soldering copper pipes? What kind of torch tip? Etc. Your advice is appre...
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