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  • Sandy
    replied to Straight Weld
    I've found, when I can't run a straight bead, I'm not seeing the root and I'm not seeing the puddle the way I should be able to see the puddle. Looking for a crutch to run a straight bead, for me, isn't the answer. Figuring out a way to see the root and read the puddle is the answer. It's a constant...
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  • Yeh, Ive got 7 tanks-bottles. None of 'em have any markings below the shoulder area. One acetylene does have a dig or two tho. It's probably a gonner. ...
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  • Who or who all would be the source of these stampings that placed a cylinders in violation I wonder? It would be a rare customer that would see fit to go stamping on a cylinder. This is a case where the consumer leaves it to the corporations and/or pros.
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