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  • WillieB
    replied to Chop saw blade for aluminum
    I have a 10"Delta machine made for wood. I tried a blade made for aluminum. Sooner or later it will grab. Mine broke the fence. It seems best when I wax the blade. I welded the fence, it worked fine a year, but kicked again, and popped it right beside the weld.

    Next, I used a massive...
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  • Shovelon is a man of few words. After cleaning super thoroughly, cook the surface of your cast a bit . Once able to puddle, coat the face with 4943. Then it is as welding any solid aluminum....
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  • Square D ground busses in the PK___GTA series are made of something solid. I believe it to be mostly aluminum, but have never seen corrosion due to terminating copper. Don't know what hokus pokus is involved to gain the AL/CU rating.

    As for isolating neutral, or more accurately center tap...
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  • Most states amend national code before adopting it. In most cases the changes seem to be minor clarification, or loophole plugging. VT where I live is well known for lunging ahead a code cycle, and amending changes well before national code has done so. Their most famous was requiring GFCI protection...
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