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  • I'm a little confused. The 30A has a 10-pin control cable plug that fits into the WC-24 that has a 14-pin control cable plug that connects to the 350 MPa weld power source 14-pin remote receptacle. Why/what did you have to change on the 30A to connect to the WC-24 with the 452?

    The 30A...
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  • Amperage control is just straight thru on the HF-251D from pedal to welder but you will need to adapt/change the control cable plug to connect to the GXT and use a Lincoln remote foot/hand control with cable adapted to the HF-251D remote input.
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  • duaneb55
    replied to aead 200le with wc-3a
    No. The WC-3 is designed to work with CC or CV machines as stated in the device manual.

    Do you have the unit manuals?

    What spool gun are you using?

    Do you have the small gauge lead work clamp connected to the AEAD (-) weld output stud?

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