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  • The tungsten was deteriorating badly.
    In fact with the last go around the tungsten was almost welded to the gas lens as well as being severely burned back.

    But, I think I found the problem, or at least it is fixed for now.
    I had tried a new gas lens, new nozzle, and even a new...
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  • Good suggestion and if I had another torch I would do that. This thing has me puzzled.
    It was welding fine for several years and now suddenly it hisses when the arc is first struck.
    I will have to keep looking at it I guess.
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  • I will check, but when I press down on the foot pedal gas flows for a half second or so then the arc starts, along with the hiss and flash.
    That tells me gas is flowing so there should be a silent start to the arc. The hiss and flash make me think air is being induced with the gas flow.
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  • I always have my pre-flow set at the same setting and that has not been changed.
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  • I have a good quality welding helmet (Lincoln Arctic, I think).
    And yes, quickly making a second weld the hiss still occurs.

    This is a recent problem,. starting yesterday.
    . I weld a lot of aluminum and steel with this helmet and the flash only happens when the 2024 helmet battery...
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  • piniongear
    started a topic Need an opinion or advice.....

    Need an opinion or advice.....

    I have a Dynasty 200DX running a WP250 -20 water cooled torch.
    Using Argon gas and welding 1/8 inch steel.

    My problem is when I first start welding there a bright flash and a short loud hissing sound coming from the torch.
    Quickly the hiss stops and all is quiet and the weld...
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