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Flux Core vs. Stick

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  • Flux Core vs. Stick

    Would a DVI on flux core penetrate as far as a stick welder?

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    Nice Question


    I am a welding teacher with little experience with FCAW. My Text book says that it will penetrate as good or better than stick, but I am very doubtful... Nice question, it will be interesting to hear responses!


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      I don't know for sure, but I would say yes. They are both ark welding, just different forms of it. Adjust your heat it should penentratet as much. But I may be wrong.


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        Really flux core penetrates farther than stick I would have thought it would have been the other way around


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          Originally posted by Klugger7214
          Really flux core penetrates farther than stick I would have thought it would have been the other way around

          I would not say flux core penetrates farther. With stick you have to look at what rod will be used. Different rods penetrate different. Weather its Low hydrogen or not. But in my opinon flux core penetrates pretty good.


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            Klugger, I am an outside sales rep for a Miller distributor in Louisville, KY. I have had a number of applications for cored wire vs. stick welding. The main concern for the DVI would be the amps needed to burn the wire. Typically you would not see a big difference between cored and stick in appearance and weldability, but you should see a big savings in waste of electrode. If you would like to try a dual-shield or outer-shield wire (requiring gas) you should see great results with greater weld efficiency. The short answer would be that it will be hard to get flux core to perform as well as stick using the DVI. There is not enough amps available to match most stick welders. The 251 on the other hand is another story........


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              Alright, I think I am going to go for the 210 for a welder now just ran 220 current out to my shop so I dont need the 110 hook up.


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                flux core vs stick

                There are alot of un-answered questions
                but I would think stick to penatrate or (dig) I would use depends what I'm doing of course 6010, 6011 or (9018-B3 DCEN) 1/8"; sch 40 pipe
                set my heat 125/135 turn up my arc force to #4 or #6

                Now for Flux core Pipe
                I would use Hobart XL 71 .045 with co2 gas set my heat 110 /120 ?
                set my wire #3 or # 4.5 ?
                In my opinion I would use stick or GMAW /w/C-25 on first two passes

                But if I had to choose between these two I would go with stick.


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                  you should realy like the MM210.
                  i have never herd of some one not being happy with it in over 4 years on diferent forems, it has a huge fallowing on the ask andy miller motor sports site defenetly a step above the DVI
                  what are you trying to weld that you need to chose stic or flux core on??
                  hard to anser such a blanket question. flux core will defenetly get you more penitration amp for amp than strait wire and C-25. but amp for amp in stick VS flux core ?? i would call it about a match.
                  you cirtenly cant compare a 350amp stick welder with a 175amp MIG welder, witch seems to be what rcnemo is trying to do.


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                    IF having to choose one or the other I would go with stick especially for high stress welds, I have used both and I am not fond of the flux cored wire.


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