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Miller Welding Glove Feedback

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  • Miller Welding Glove Feedback

    A small group of active members from the Miller message boards were selected to test Miller's new line of Arc Armor welding gloves. Samples have been sent, and we've asked these members to provide feedback by posting their thoughts, good or bad, here on this thread. If you weren't a part of the test group, but you have already had the opportunity to try Miller's new welding gloves, feel free to comment on your experience with them also. This information will be used to help us know if the gloves we've designed meet welders' needs, or if there are some improvements we can make to help us produce the best possible product for our customers.

    Thanks to all who participate in this discussion!

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    I've tried out the MIG gloves and absolutley love them. The only thing I think they can improve on is whenever I pick up something still hot, they don't offer much heat protection. They also lasted longer than the other gloves I've used. Other gloves only lasted about 2 months and these lased almost 4 now.


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      i received my set of gloves today. first impressions are WOW!! they look great
      the first thing i noticed was they have a MIG glove and a MIG/Stick glove, both very sturdy gloves one (MIG) is good thick leather yet still very comfortable and flexible. kinda reminds me of a thicker version of a TIG glove, should be great for low to mid amp MIGing, the other (MIG/Stick) is the same glove only with some added insulation but still a great fit and very flexible, much nicer than the standard leather padded welding glove we all pick up at TSC or our LWS. should do well for the higher amps as well as with stick. i had a chance to use the MIG/Stick gloves this after noon wile working on some pipe and was very happy with the form and function. i think they both fill a much needed gap between the heavy padded glove and the thin TIG glove. i have to admit i have always wanted some thing in-between the 2 standard options readily available and these fit that bill to a T. i was very pleased with the the gloves this after noon and am looking forward to trying out the others. so far the only drawback i see is i really didn't want to get them all dirty as they are really nice looking gloves. but as with any tool you gotta get her in the muck if you intend to use it right. the MIG/Stick gloves gave me great feel for the material, much nicer than the bulky padded gloves i was using be for for MIG.
      as for the TIG and metal working gloves so far all i can say is they look great fit great, feel great, and i cant wait to get them dirty as well.
      wile i have no idea the price of them so far i can say i would definitely pay a bit more for the gloves i have used and will definitely be getting another pair when these ones need replacing even if the price was double what i was paying for the big bulky gloves, it really is that much nicer to have the right fit and feel, it just makes working with the pipe that much essayer and i can see a great advantage when i am doing fit up as its almost like not having them on. just cant say how much i like them big A+++ on the MIG/Stick gloves, great job.
      big thanks to Miller for letting me try them out. you can bet i'll be shopping for more when the time comes to get more.
      looks like a pic is in order, i'll take a few tomarow. you guys gotta see these great looking gloves.

      are you using the MIG or the MIG/Stick gloves?? keeping in mind any glove is not going to let you pick stuff up right after welding, i thought the MIG/Stick ones were quite comprible to the big bulky gloves for heat protection when grabing the fresh weld. yea i know your not suposed to but ya still mess up and do it once in a wile, well i do any ways.LOL and i thought they did a great job of alowing me to put it back without any real consern. i was only welding 1/8" pipe so it wasent that hot i supose but still could have been a real bummer in a non-insulated version. so if ya have the MIG gloves and tend to grab the hot stuff a lot you might try the MIG/Stick gloves out, still great controle but with a lil extra protection for the oops'es.
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        I wish I got some new gloves I always like trying new things


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          yea how do we get in on the tests? Ill have to go check them out.


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            I just got my Gloves in the mail today. . I opened the box and man I was impressed. they look great and feel wonderful ! . I can tell that MILLER put some serious thought and time in the design of these gloves. . I like how they have different gloves for all types of welding. . no more one or two pares to chose from. . they have a MIG glove, Heavy duty MIG/stick glove,Tig glove,
            and also a Steelworker glove. WOW that is a lot of choices , I am used to having two gloves to chose from and now I will have the choice to wear the correct type welding glove for the welding that I am doing at that time. one thing I like is that each glove has a piece of material made in a loop in the inside of the glove that you can hang them on. they all have the name MILLER on the edge of the cuff. and have MILLER on them in bold letters so everyone can see that you are wearing some of the finest gloves made by the company that makes the Best welders ! I like how the gloves fit my hand like they were custom made for my hand. on the MIG gloves I see that MILLER put a big piece of leather on the back side. this will help in my hand not getting cooked, as they do in other gloves. thats a good design. the MIG gloves are flexible and that will help in those crucial mig gun angles. and they are well padded but yet flexible. in the Heavy duty Mig/stick gloves they are well designed to cradle the electrode holder. MILLER designed this glove to be well used in stick welding. they feel great on my hand and not Bulky like the traditional stick gloves. and the little finger in the glove fits my finger just right.the glove has a nice little extra piece of leather along the edge of my little finger and down my hand,backside, this will be great as some times you need to drag your hand or prop your hand while welding out of position.
            both the MIG gloves and the MIG/STICK gloves have a extra well placed piece of leather on the palm of the hand for durability and when the gloves are on you cant even tell that it is their, .smooth feeling to the hand.
            and the leather is VERY flexible! . . the TIG gloves have the flexible top quality goatskin that is needed when Tig welding. they have the freedom of movement that you need. I like the leather cuff on the glove, this well help the glove to last a long time. it also has extra reinforcement of the same goatskin in the palm that bends nice. they are the traditional color of white and have the MILLER name and logo on the back of the hand. sweet.
            all of Millers gloves have double stitched seams that will last for a long time
            I hate to get them dirty but I know I will enjoy using them
            and as for the Metalworking gloves these gloves feel nice, they have a mixture of goat skin in the palm & fingers and a stretchable material on the back side of the hand with a velcro closure on the wrist that will give me support when lifting steel. they have a nonskid material in the palm so the steel wont slip out of my hand. I am looking forward to using them and I can think of lots of other uses besides working with metal. they are a good gripping working glove. . MILLER you did a great job on these gloves, well thought out. I look forward to using them and I will fill everyone in on my results
            Thanks MILLER . & John S



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              well i didn't get a chance to do any more welding or even get out to the shop today as it was a run arens day. so i thought i would see how long the metal working gloves would be comfortable to wear, so i used them as my driving gloves today, about 4Hrs in the car and they felt great. yea i know not the intended use but they felt good after long where and i figured that was worth checking out, ok so really they looked cool and i couldn't wait to wear them.
              i was picking up a tank of Co2 for some MIGing tomorrow so i can try out the MIG gloves a bit and thought i would check availability of the gloves at my LWS.
              i gotta say i was a bit disappointed. i think Miller needs to push the stores to get a display out there. at my first WS stop i asked about them and they said they had not seen them and don't have any plans for getting them in in future. so i whipped out the set to show them and gave them my first impressions, the counter guy liked them but has no control over purchasing. too bad, thats a big area that wont get to see the new gloves and leaves every one near me with only the standard choices of TIG or BIG. real bummer there.
              nest WS stop they had the hole set there, nice wall display jackets, gloves shirts and all the miller hoods. its enough to make ya start drooling on your self.LOL
              the MIG/stick gloves priced out at $19 prob ly a bit higher than most would expect to pay for a welding glove but as i said early er i would pay double for them over the big bulky option so its still my plan to get another set when needed. also his prices are not the set in stone price so check your LWS for local pricing.looks like cy ber weld is carrying them close to the same price's

              Miller Mig Gloves - Designed for medium-duty MIG welding and metal working tasks.

              Miller Heavy Duty MIG/Stick Welding Gloves - Designed with the features and performance that the professional MIG and Stick welder requires in a glove.

              Miller TIG Welding Glove - Made from goatskin and specifically designed for the demands of TIG welding.

              again a bit higher than the traditional glove but well worth the added expense IMO. and if they hold up any where near as well as they look like they will its well worth getting them. so skip the extra cocco-lotae-moka-capacheano at lunch for a few days and try out a pair, you will never go back the old glove again.


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                garth & Burnindaylight
                the latest isue of power click has a chance to win the hole new line of the miller welding gear, just take a simple test (heck they give you the answers if ya read the cheat sheet) then pick a box. its a 1 out of 3 chance to win and then it could be 1 pice or the hole set. if ya dont get the power click this is a good time to start getting it.
                i'm realy glad i got picked to test the gloves as my LWS dose not carie them and has no plans to at this point so i would most likely never have known there was a better option out there. i hate ordering this typ of stuff off the net as i like to get a chance to feel out a glove befor buying. so i would have been stuck with the same old boring, no fitting, just get ya by type of glove. now i know its worth it to go out of my way to find the miller gloves. you all should do the same you will realy like them. if ya get a pair and don't like them feel free to send them my way but i dont see any one not liking them.
                now if i can just figure out how to get on the test list for the new MM210


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                  I did the contest on powerclick but it just wasn't my day and lost , oh well next time


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                    I havn't seen my copy of powerclick yet, when was it released?


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                      glove feed back

                      I have just received my gloves and I have to say they are different from most kinds that I have used. I like the flexibility and how it is easier to handle materials. So far I have just used them for MIG welding. One thing I like to do when I have to go between welding and measuring and cutting materials is I use a lighter glove for my right hand which I use predominantly to hold the gun and a thicker glove for my left to steady myself and hold the piece being welded. I do it so I can use my pen or marker and hold smaller objects without taking my glove off. The smaller glove, materials glove, works well with this. Then I use the heavier MIG/Stick glove for my left. So far this works pretty well.
                      I like the smaller details in the design of the gloves like extra layers, padding, and stitches in certain locations. Its nice because it allows the glove to bend and flex easier while providing more insulation and protection in the areas that are more likely to be used. I even like the softer cloth material on the materials handling gloves so I can wipe my face or scratch my nose. It feels nice on the skin. All the gloves feel very durable and well crafted, but I don't know how well they will protect against heat because overall they are fairly thin. I guess I will find out later.


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                        here is a link to the power click with the contest in it.
                        good luck.
                        the wife and i both lost out on it also. oh well cant wine them all.


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                          I just got my gloves and all I can say is VERY VERY nice. I wont be able to use them until I start Co-op program, I tried them all on and compared to most gloves I have worn these are by far the best. My mom received them today and she told me she paid $35 for them I said that was by far worth it theres like $71 worth of gloves in the box. But I will keep everyone posted when i get to use them. But so far just wearing them and for comfort I give them 4 thumbs up!

                          All I can say is Thank you Miller for the gloves and Ill wear them proud!
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                            Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                            here is a link to the power click with the contest in it.
                            good luck.
                            the wife and i both lost out on it also. oh well cant wine them all.
                            Thanks for the link James, contest was over on the 21st and anyway I did find my copy, it was where I put Miller stuff and unread until now. My bad, thanks for the help anyway.


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                              Gloves came to day, got to do some mig with the mig glove, great quality and fit ... so far so good ... more later.


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