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mp3 welding hoods

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  • mp3 welding hoods

    i know hoodlum makes alot of cool looking hoods and they have one now that has a fm tuner in it. i also know that radio stations suck. they overkill the songs and never play what i want to hear. i had the idea of putting an mp3 player inside a hood a couple of years ago but havent seen them on the market. they gotta be out there, anyone know where?

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    Why not get a reg. mp3 player and wear it under your hood.......just run the wires for the ear phones up the back of your shirt etc..........


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      i have jackson nexgen, with a sandisk mp3 mounted under the the top of my hood with velcro tape and it seems to work fine for me, the reason i used the velco tape is so it is easier to change the batteries and i also use it in my chainsaw helmet and for other things.


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        i can't wear earphones at work, have to have ear plugs.


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          Headphones / earbuds are not allowed at my work. WCB wont permit it. Earplugs are a must. However, I just bought a sony 320 watt boom box for the welding shop, it plays mp3s, and works well, sounds good even with earplugs in.


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            just get a set of the big mickey nouse ear muff protection type and mount the ear pice inside the cone of the ear protection, no outside noise just the MP3 playing inside.


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              i have a milwalkee radio with an aux. plug in the back and a 2 gig samsung mp3 that i use at work. it all works pretty good but, when both mills are running, all 4 burn tables, x number of grinders, not to mention the hum from the pulse arc i run 98% of the time, it really doesn't work that good. the really cool thing is to charge my mp3 you just put it in usb port, with the drill and burn tables all being on line i can always keep it charged.

              anyway, i was hoping such a critter was on the market, it would make work alot more enjoyable if i could hear my music.


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                Originally posted by tsalagi View Post
                i can't wear earphones at work, have to have ear plugs.
                If you don't mind spending the $$$$$ and do a little searching ....

                At a motorcycle show I saw a vendor who sold custom molded earplugs.

                The kicker was in 2 models he inserted sound transducers for MP3/Radio usage.

                They were neat earplugs as they sorta twisted into the ear.

                Just did a quick search and found these ....


                Will look for the one I saw at the show.

                Here is the one from the Motorcycle Show ... the page shows the music monitor earplugs ...


                Go to their homepage it seems the are EXPERTS in hearing protection.

                Here is what they say about their " Competition Sports Monitor "

                Designed specifically to block out background and harmful ambient noises, these have been well sought after stereo earphones by frequent travelers, motorcyclists, pistol and trap shooters and many industrial workers. Available in generic and custom fitted models.
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                  I agree with just gettin a louder radio


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                    Originally posted by Faberimicator View Post
                    I agree with just gettin a louder radio
                    That's how I fix engine noises in my vehicles.


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                      harcosparky, those are some cool earplugs/phones. i might wear something like that working arround the house so i can't hear the wife. shye gets to a pretty high decible herself.


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                        Originally posted by tsalagi View Post
                        harcosparky, those are some cool earplugs/phones. i might wear something like that working arround the house so i can't hear the wife. shye gets to a pretty high decible herself.
                        Well I got a pair of these last friday. Went for a motorcycle ride with them in and first thing I noticed was they were flush inside the ear and felt comfortable. Put on the full coverage helmet and they still felt comfortable.

                        Hit the road with my iPod playing and noticed that between songs I could not hear the engine as I could with a pair of Sony in-ear phones. Also the Sonys protruded enough as to be uncomfortable after a while.

                        These were expensive, but seem to be worth it. If they survive me for 6 months then they are good.

                        I was going through 3 - 4 sets from Sony a year.


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                          Custom fit ear plugs come with all sorts of goodies! I've used custom plugs for almost ten years, and have never had a complaint. I've used vented plugs and solid plugs. A friend of mine is a DJ, and he had a set made with the earphones built in so he could mix songs without hearing the background music, he can't imagine not using them at a large gig now days. Here in Canada, custom fit ear plugs cost about $65.00 / pair, I don't know what they cost with built in head phones, but I can say they would be worth every penny.


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                            That helmet you mentioned with the FM tuner can play anything you want to play on it. You can buy a litle FM transmiter for about $15, they plug into a standard headphone jack. It's pretymuch the same thing as using one of those casset adapters only for radio instead. Try Radioshack or Wall-Mart.


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                              just bringin it back to the top

                              I thought i would bring this one back to the top for more to read because i found it interesting. As for the mp3 question if you have an ipod I would get one of the fm transmitters that plugs into the bottom like when you plug it up to the computer and use it because i have tried them and I like them alot. This way you dont have it mounted in your hood but can still listen to you ipod or mp3 player


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