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    Truck Body

    Originally posted by MetalCrafter View Post
    Nice truck I'm currently looking for a GMC chasie. Since you cutomize bodies what do you suggest for me? I am in the mist of taking over my Father's Ironworking buisness, we do anything from railings to structural steel. I'm looking for a truck body that can hold everything I need for outside work. I'm also looking for some type of compartment for the Oxy and Act tanks. The police in NJ pull work truck over all the time and frenzy with the tickets. Please if you have any suggestions please let me know.

    compartment for the Oxy and Act tanks.the large compartment behind the passinger is for the tanks this body is with out the crane reinforcing in the rear left is about $8800.00 however there are hundreds of different combinations to body's but you can pick up a used one for about half that .there are thousands of way's you can go with this however when you put the tanks in this compartment you MUST have no electrical in this bin plug up the holes as well and you must install a vent at the bottom of the bin read thread My weekend project. Gas bottle rack for my work van .
    Anyway truck bodies generaly start around $3000.00 New.Then I get my hot little hands on it and carve it apart.
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      So do you suggest a utility body for my line of work? I really have now need for a crane on the truck.


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        Originally posted by MetalCrafter View Post
        So do you suggest a utility body for my line of work? I really have now need for a crane on the truck.
        yes but with a large tall compartment in the front either side but if you get one that has a large tall comp try and get it on the drivers side this is best
        much like this one only with a tall cabinet in the front
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          Thank you.


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            hey thta is a really nice cart I have build me 1 ! use a old offfice like James said


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              Thumbs up

              It all looks real good. And its a great idea


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                since you install truck bodies all the time and Ive spent most of my life fixing them after they've broke them I have a question. I'm getting ready to build an aluminum flat bed for my wife's new 08 superduty and debatting over the mounting to the frame. Have seen many types of mounting but was thinking about "floating" one end with springs and mounting the other end solid. at work we have no aluminum bodies and have seen many steel ones crack. With aluminum I am more concerned. I could float the whole thing I guess just more work to make the brackets with springs on the bolts. Any thoughts would be give me something to think about. Aluminum is being delivered today cost $$$ but will look nice

                any thoughts from anybody are appreciated


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                  Mounting hardware

                  I know exactly what you want they are called vibra mounts two pieces of steel the top is 5/8' and the bottom is 3/4" about 4x? x 2' long now you will have to get rubber vibration mounts some where they are sandwiched between the metal with a bolt pattern this will handle depends on the size of mount of course but they can handle up to 3 ton of weight and zero and I do mean ZERO Vibration will roll through the truck. Its like the business class suspension on a 5 ton truck thats how it will ride and no it wont be tippy either.

                  If you want me to go into deeper detail let me know I have to go to work right now so let me know hope this helps ya out.


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