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bacon press

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  • bacon press

    While I was cooking breakfast this morning (biscuits, one egg, gravy, and some bacon strips....mmm still tastes good and that was a few hours ago), the thought ran through my head "I need a bacon press to weigh these critters down" Has anyone ever made one? My main question is whether or not I would have to use SS. The skillet is just an old cast iron one that could double as a boat anchor if needed. I've have plenty of plate around to make it. I was thinking of cutting it out to match my skillet diameter and really, I mean really, cleaning it. Just thought I'd see if anyone has kitchen fab experience that would have any suggestions. Not so much on the piece itself, after all, it's just plate holding down bacon, but any tips for cleaning/prepping stuff for safe food service. SSS

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    I got a nice piece of 1/2" thick alum that would do it nice. Thats what the Waffle House by me uses but it has a nice wooden handle on it....Bob


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      I don't see why you can't use regular steel, properly cleaned of course. Just remove the mill scale and polish the surface to around a 320 to 400 grit. It won't season the same as a cast pan, but it should be easy to clean after cooking.


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        I would use stainless steel for this, and tap a hole and put a wooden handle on it.

        May if you have an old cast iron skelet around thats not being used. Cut the bottom of the skilet out, but leaving the handle attached to the bottom, then you have instant bacon press.



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          Originally posted by SkidSteerSteve View Post
          ... Not so much on the piece itself, after all, it's just plate holding down bacon, but any tips for cleaning/prepping stuff for safe food service. SSS
          I've been in the restaurant business for the last 30 years or so let me offer my opinion.

          Flat grills are made of steel so the material is not a problem. The key is to ensure that it's as smooth as possible and not porus. The heat of the grill will kill any bacteria so that's not a problem as long as it gets above 140 deg (which it easily will).

          Soap and water is all that's necessary to clean it like anything else. If the material is porus, (nicks, dings, etc.), then you'll get carbon build up that you might not even be able to see. The downside to that is you might see little black specs on the food but with Bacon or Hamburger you won't even notice it and it's not harmful.

          AL is probably the best material to use since it's lighter and won't tend to squish the food if you want to use it for something other than bacon (hamburger, pork chops, steak etc.). If you set the press in the pan while it's heating and get it to the same temp. as the pan then it will help cook the food that much faster so be careful the first few times or you'll overcook the food.
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            hey guys, thanks for the replies.

            I think I was a little vague on what I was meaning for the cleaning question. My concern is the initial cleaning after fabrication. I have plenty of stuff around the shop to clean the gunk, funk, and grime off of metal, but I wouldn't want to put any of that stuff in my mouth. So I guess my real question is whether or not there is a process to make sure you clean the industrial cleaner off before hitting the soap and water. I could see where some of the contents of cleaning agents might not be affected by soapy water and wouldn't want to contaminate the food....SSS


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              Cleaning it with alcohol and then running it through the dishwasher would probably do the trick.


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                i would use one of the many orange cleaners that will cut any oid and be food safe as well.


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                  cleaning it with a rosebud would probably burn all of the "gunk" or gunk products off ya think?


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