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  • Boooored

    yo, whats going on guys, im sitting on the couch bored as **** and im looking for something new to make just for ****s and giggles, small, big, usefull, classy, looks good, whatever idea;s you got post them here i need some like i always do, thanks guys

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    No pics, but try making some low-boy lounging chairs for you and your buddies to shoot the --it on while hanging out in your shop. Some 3/16 and 1/4 round and some heavier 1/2, plus an old car rim as a bending mandrel, and you can create wonders. A store near by sells lounging chairs for around $350. I figure they cost a lot less to build.



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      Make one of these. I made one a couple weeks ago and it was rather fun.


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        How bout a distillery? Fun to make I would imagine, and REALLY fun to operate.

        I'm a brand new noob. Just jumped in with both feet and got a DVI MIG and 375 Extreme PC.

        Look forward to seeing what it is you build!

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          How about making me a mig cart for nothing? Be creative! You asked....... Just trying to get started here, got the welder, now looking for experience, and a cart! Thanks!


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            Originally posted by JEEPSYCHO View Post
            Millermatic 130 XP, don't laugh, I'm just starting.....
            Who's laughing?

            I jumped in with both feet and got a Campbell-Hausfeld Mig 80. An expert might could do something with it - I sure can't.


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              hey guys thanks alot for the idea's that plane actualy looks like it would be fun,i really like the chair idea, i think im gunna try that out, and i had an idea of making a beer pong table, a nice portable one, im still young and like to party so why not? thanks again guys


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                What, no mig cart?????


                • #9
                  stick to thin stuff and just give it some seat time and it will come with time.
                  every one has to start some where or do nothing, good to see you starting.


                  • #10
                    i already got a welding table and a cart for my welder so im set there


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                      Originally posted by TIGWelder06 View Post
                      i already got a welding table and a cart for my welder so im set there

                      I was talking about one for ME. It'd give you something to do, and make my life a little better. Free of course, a big detailed one of each, then you'd have to ship it to me free of charge. Sounds good, right? AH, figured I'd try it anyway. Great to be here, looks like you're a good bunch, I'll need to ask a ton of stupid questions.


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                        need to build me a cart for my stick welder. made a crappy little base deal with swivel wheels on it. when I got time and start saving money for steel again gonna build me something that resembles a dolly, but it'l have hooks on it for the cables and helmet, something to store rods in, and in true fashion to all my shop projects, its gonna have outlets on it. Come to my house anytime and ill prove it!

                        the shop I work at has all sorts of metal fabrication tools and machines, like presses, brakes, and hydraulic punches, im work as an electrician that wires up carnival rides, but I do like metal working... not much of a woodworking person


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