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    Okay the other day the guys found me a old crappy helmet cleaning the shop so they gave me a new lense and the helmet said Bobby on it so I decided I will make it look way better so I foudn some acid green spray paint and I gave it a few coats of it and well lets say I bet you can see em with a shade 10 helmet down

    Well tog et on with this do any of you guys have any pictures or stories of your past or new helmets you ether seen or owned If so share

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    Oh, yeah.

    My last hood was a real mess. Held together with duct tape and prayer, scratches on the lens, had to hold your head just right. It was a real piece of crap when I finally tossed it in the dumpster and bought my BWE. We were building pipe supports for a job in Ft. Worthless welding 2X2 galvanized angle. I spent the morning dodging sparks and tying to make it through one more job before retiring my old hood. When we took a lunch break, I decided to take the plunge and by a new one. A quick trip to our LWS and I had my new eyes. The funny part was after I had thrown my old one in the dumpster and it had been pretty well covered up, I realized I couldn't wee worth a dang using my new toy and I had left my cheater in the one in the dumpster! Dope!


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      my past experiences with welding helmets has not been great to say the least, crappy cheap helmets that might as well have pin holes to look through because the window is so small, I always found it a pain in the butt to try to get the gun or stick where u want it then try to flip down or jerk your head to get the helmet to come down and cover your face(which never really worked cause the helmet wouldn't come down far enough or it would just flip off your head ) so now that I have a welder of my own the last thing i was going to be cheap on was the helmet. I picked up a Miller Elite helmet and it is worth every cent I payed for it


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        I got a Hobart XTV auto darking hood for my birthday it was just a plain black 1 but not for long me and my cousin painted it is very good


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          Update! My welding helmet not only has old school flames but its got fangs. The guys today told me to growl and run around the shop with the mask down and act freaky. It was pretty sweet.


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            Welding Helmet and funny story

            My welding helmet goes from 4-12 and it is all black. I paid 50 bucks for it new and it works great. The auto darkening lens lets you use it as sunglasses. Flames on a helmet allow you too look cool! But I do like the stars and stripes on that miller helmet.
            Now the funny story.
            This old guy was carrying 8 walleyes in a plastic pail. A DNR guy stopped him and said I'll have to fine you because the bag limit is two. The old guy said that these are special fish! Just dump em in the lake and call them back . The DNR guy said OK iv'e got to see this . He then told the old guy to dump em in and call em back. The old guy dumped em in the lake and just stood there. The DNR guy said now call the fish back. The old guy said - (What Fish)


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              LOL! very nice story. I am still looking for an auto helmet yet I cant find one for under 100 like soem foy ou are paying.


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                Originally posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
                LOL! very nice story. I am still looking for an auto helmet yet I cant find one for under 100 like soem foy ou are paying.
                I was in Harbor Freight tonight and saw some auto-darkening helmets for under $100. Their website also shows some.

                Don't know that I recommend it; it may work ok, but I'm not sure about the availability of replacement lens covers, etc. if needed.


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                  here is my hood its a miller BWE about 3 or so years old, suprisingly enough the pains still on and looking good.
                  i would defenetly recomend it. i have used it inside and out with great results, only been flashed when i forgot to turn it on and that was no biggy, cleared up in a few seconds. great hood werth every $.01 wouldnt trade it for 2 of any thing else, except maybee 2 new BWE's. got some new toys on the new BWE's. might just have to save up for one so i can pass this one on to the son.
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                    Welding Helmet

                    Originally posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
                    LOL! very nice story. I am still looking for an auto helmet yet I cant find one for under 100 like soem foy ou are paying.
                    The helmet that I talked about came from HF on sale about 2 years ago.
                    Remember if all else fails just dump them in the lake! Lee


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                      HF has thers on sail all the time for $59 its even got cool blue flames. some say its not a bad hood, others not so pleased. but the majority seem to think for stick or MIG its basicly ok just has a lil truble with low amp TIG. probly due to only haveing 2 sensers ?? probly not a bad starter hoof though. pop by a HF and see if that yave one in the store to check out or have them send you there flyer/catalog. there is also a 20% off coopon you can print up to save a few extra $'s


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                        I used a helmet like that last year at work. I think they have the same one as that over in Moncton I might jsut go check that out. Next time Im there that is.


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