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Welding silver and gold

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  • Welding silver and gold

    I am a jeweller and a sculptor. I am looking for a machine to weld silver, gold and titanium. There is a machine made specifically for the jewelry industry. Its called the PUK II. The pukII is a pulse arc welder with a maxium of 3 pulses a second. The thing that I don't like about it is that the base price is about 3500 bucks. And it is a small machine so you are very limited to very small scale items.
    I have had some basic sucesses in tig welding silver before on a lincon tig. I don't know what model it was, but it was similar to an econo tig. I am looking for something that will allow me to weld larger materials upto 3/16 steel and aluminum for sculpture. For jewelry I am looking for something to weld silver and gold with the hope that I can keep the weld pool down around a 1/32 of an inch. The machine that has caught my eye is the Dynasty 200 dx. Would anyone give me some direction and information on this machine and what might be out there for me?

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    welding silver and gold

    On the miller front page, you might want to check the maxstar 150 stl and sth.
    Also you might want to e-mail the miller co. for info.
    That is what i did,and they helped me out.
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      Welding Thin materials

      My TIG is a small Miller EconoTig that I bought used in 06 for 650 dollars. It does 24 gauge ( thin ) to about 1/4 inch with HF. The reason they are asking 3500 dollars is because you might be a gold baron!


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        Make sure it'll weld on AC


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          I use my TIG to fuse gold, I am not sure if it really welding or fusion. I use only gold as the fill. I crank the control down and use a light touch on the foot pedal.

          Instead of one of the under powered units that I find in the jewelry trade, I have a Lincoln PT 275. Cost a lot and works really well for about everything I do. I can even do stick at jewelers level with it.

          The advanced control panel is the best thing about the unit, for doing fine work, it's worth the extra $300

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            i think you were right on with your first thought of the dyn200. it drops down to 1 amp has a much better pulse controle, and with the frequency controles you can realy focuse the arc. pick you a pencile torch for it and you would be good to go on the lil stuff and with the standerd 17 torch be good for the thick stuff.
            the TA-185 might also be a consideration, i went with it do to lack of $$ the dyn200 would be my first choice.excilent reputation, maximum controlability.


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              I have a dynasty 200 DX and it is nice, cost 2500.00 on sale 2 years ago. Now they are about 3000.00.
              Havent tried to weld jewlery with it ,but it goes down to 1 amp, not all machines do that, I would get ahold of a miller catalog to check out the other machines that might have the amp range your looking for.
              What I like about the dynasty is its portabuility, goes everywhere and plugs in any where.


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                another big + for the dyn200 is it can be pluged in any where you have 120V, kitchen table or any outlet 120V or 240V or whatever else you can come up with


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                  I've tried welding both silver and gold with my dynasty 300. The silver welded no problem on dcen but quickly overheated. The repair was a friends bracelet that the emblem had fallen off, so I drilled a hold in the band and plug welded the emblem from the backside. The gold.... Well lets just say I'm glad I tried welding scrap before anything serious. The gold puddle skinned over pretty quick with other alloys and oxides. I tried ac, dcen, and dcep and it didn't seem to make a difference. The gold was 10k so who knows what fillers were in there. I ended up just making a glod ball, for use later at the jewellers.


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