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    Fusionking, I have to say that I was more then a little impressed with that first post you did on this subject ! Everyone on this forum that owns a business should read that twice and really think about what you said, read it and interpret in a way that they can apply it to themselves and their business. I learned something that I already knew, but have been failing to practice lately, charge in way that you are paid what you are worth and can take the time to do the job right. I often will quote a job on the tight end so that I get it, then find that I am not doing my best work because I am pushing to make my fair hourly rate. The best machinists (and welders) are the one who take the time to do it right, and time is money, pretty simple if you think about it, I just fail to do so on some jobs. I also agree with taking the jobs that are interesting and avoiding the jobs that are not (if you can afford to do that), in Ironmans case, if he is staring up a business he may have to take on the less desirable jobs in the beginning ? I never take on a job that is like your screen door scenario, I tell the people to go buy a new one and not spend their money on the repair. I rarely ever make things that people can go buy, like ladder racks and trailer hitch’s, Its not worth my time unless they are willing to spend twice what the store sells them for, which means that they better want something extra heavy duty or built different.
    I really enjoyed your post, the only thing I would add is what has already been said more then once, you can only charge what the market in you are warrants, or you wont make any money, but we all know that already.