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new welder

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  • new welder

    I have finally decided to break down and purchase a new welder. My shop unit is a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC that my Grandad purchased new in 1982, and I have two engine drives: a Miller AEAD-200LE that was built in 1979 and a Lincoln SA-200 that I bought at an auction. They are all great welders, but I have saved up enough to update a little. What is the best shop welder, I build farm equipment (post drivers, gates, truck accessories, etc.)? I am looking at the Trailblazer 302 for my new engine drive, what are your opinions of this unit? I am also considering purchasing a new Millermatic 251. Any help is appreciated.

    BB Farm Supply

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    I can't help with the trailblazer opinion, because I have a Bobcat, but I've never heard of anyone complaining about the 251. I only bought the 210. Nothing wrong with it, but I really wish I had spent a little more and gotten the 251. Guess I need to get busy and wear it out so I can upgrade. SSS


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      How does the Bobcat do? If I could get by with it at the supply company and on the girlfriends dads farm, I'd save a little money and buy one. I just dont want to buy one and then wish i had more power later on down the line.

      BB Farm Supply


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        Keep in mind, I'm not a full time field welder. Most of my work is in the shop. Although I've put up fence, some metal buildings, and repaired several pieces of construction/farm equipment on site. As a general purpose, entry level welder/generator, it's all I need. I'm sure some of the other guys will have more real-world opinions/comparisons of the two. From what I've picked up it really depends on what kind of work you are going to be doing with it. I know the oil field would laugh you out the gate if you showed up with a Bobcat. SSS


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          I have used both the Bobcat and the Trailblazer, for the difference in price, buy the Trailblazer, arc seems to be steadier?
          I have a local place here that has free shipping and a good price, email me if you want the address and I can tell you what I paid for mine.


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            just a suggestion

            hey man
            by all means i an not promoting hobart in any way but i picked up a hobart 10 k welder generator after hurricane katrina for a really good price with the onan engine. I started to weld here on the coast with it then i was deployed to iraq for 6 months and forgot to un hook the battery and the day i got back i started it up and it fired right off. that thing went threw so bad times ant that thing still welds like its brand hew.


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              What a problem...

              Here's my $.02 worth:

              It sounds like you've got the gas-powered angle pretty well covered (unless you'd like to sell that SA-200 to me. ) If you'd like to by a shop welder, why not get one of the good inverter machines around. The technology is advancing so quickly they are obsolete before out of warranty. I just purchased a Miller CST 250 inverter (230 - 575V, single- or three-phase) that will do Tig and Stick. It is simple to operate (power switch, process selector and amp setting) and I only paid a little over $550 and it is still in warranty. OR ..... pick up a used wire machine like a MM 251. The market won't be flooded until every real man runs out of room to stack welders in his shop or garage, but there are some good deals out there for those willing to find them.



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                if you are looking for a shop welder, those little xmt's are pretty good. i use one 55+ hrs a week. stick, wire, arc gouge, pulse mig, tig, it's got it all. i'm pretty sure they come in single phase or three phase. if i had the money, ya know?
                i like trailblazers over bobcats as far as engine driven goes.


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                  Thanks for the help guys. I have decided to buy the Trailblazer 302. I dont think im going to get a 251 now, maybe later. I'll let you know how i like it.

                  BB Farm Supply


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                    the 251 is an exilent welder, you should be verry happy with. give it a try i'm shore you will like it and it has plenty of power to get most jobs done


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