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    sberry, that sure is some good looking paint on there, do you do outside paint of tractor for people or just for you own use, love to watch someone paint, I can get by but like you good fellows do, had 20 old tractors mostly John Deere the oldest was a 1926 D and the latest model was a 1968 4020, propane, when I moved to this new place I sold them all and the plows also, only kept one John Deere 4'11" disk plow, wish I would have kept one D maybe, those flywheels are a little harder to pull over now ?
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      At one time I painted some outside jobs but its a rarity anymore for a couple reasons. So much is done on old farm stuff by hobby types a cuy cant afford to compete most of the time. I painted one I should have had a pic, a small JD, 40 something maybe and had got some equipment from the guy. I let him set his own price and didn't blink when he handed me the trade value figures, said ok, he was a dealer who had really treated me well over the years and said thanks and then the guy tips me a grand.
      Here is one of ours. My newest is a 76 but with new paint no one ever considers how old they are.
      This is not a resto but a working unit. Been re wired, Nippon starter, Delco alternator, step modified, battery boxes tossed for maint free car bats, got a turbo and oversize tires and extra hyd attachment for a loader and a grill we built. Note the pipe, stock muffler gone. I don't think the cardboard under it was from this job, it was housebroke when we painted it.
      Click image for larger version

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        Beautiful farm shop and quality work.


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          That is a good looking machine, they last for ever if someone does regular up on them, that was John Deere best selling models, I seen a 4020 with over 8,000 hours and the engine had not been opened yet, that was the propane model, I was raised plowing on the model D, 830 (1955) and the Model R, then we got high class and got into the 4020, though I was in heaven.


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            SB, you have a great shop, I've been very Jealous for years, I'm still trying to catch up to you.


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              Originally posted by Tinker Joe 2 View Post
              Old Jupiter, now that is nice looking engine, bet it will haul butt on the water, don't think I want to ride in that but would like to see the motor run, how about a video ?
              Sorry, Joe, I didn't see your post until now. That motor was photographed in 1971, right before it set a straightaway record of 100mph in Devil's Lake, Oregon. No videos. If you want to see today's alky-burning outboards, try googling "USTS racing" (United States Title Series), which has some stills and probably links to videos. And you can go to YouTube and specify "DePue races", DePue, Illinois being where the national championships are held every year.

              Try these, too:
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