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Need help Selecting a welder

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  • Need help Selecting a welder

    In the next couple months maybe the summer I would really like to buy a welder, my only problem is i will only beable to use it outside and im pretty sure you cant get a GMAW and use it outside, I was really thinking of getting a SMAW but is it possible to get one that will be easy to carry so if i need practice or use it for somethign i can take it with me and money is an issue, I checked at Canadian Tire they have Lincons for about $400 but i have my heart set on getting a Miller hince why I use this site, So is it possible I could pick up a cheap but reasonably good SMAW welder for under $500?I also know the sayign "you get what you pay for".

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    What is your electrical supply, How thick of metal do you plan to weld, what types of projects? If it is only 110 volts you are going to be pretty limited in what you can buy generally a 110 volt mig. If it is going to be 220 you could run either a stick or a 220 volt mig.

    You do have the options in the mig welders in the 110 volt class of the Hobart 125, or the Hobart 140. Both of these would be in the price range you mentioned. You could use flux core in either of these welding outdoors. Both of which would need a dedicated 20 amp circuit, with requirements on how long the extention cord can be and size of wire that it can be. They are made by Hobart which is made at the same place as the Miller Welders.

    If you have 220 handy you could buy either the Thunderbolt or Stickmate welder, any of which you could make your 1st project makeing a cart for so you could move it to where you needed to.

    Any of the welders will have electrical requirements as to how far or how long of an extention cord you can run with them and the size of wire that the cord can be.


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      well i only have a regualr outlet, but is it possable to get a extention cord that can go into a bigger outlet? I want to beable to do small projects probly anything under 10G steele up to 10G. I really didnt think you could weld GMAW outside my welding teacher told us it wont work outside but he could be wroung you guys would probly know more then him. What would porbly be more to run a SMAW or a GMAWbecause i know the GMAWs need a tanki or ARG C02 so I will have to rent a tank


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        Youngwelder, what I stated above about the small mig welders is you can operate them using flux core wire which you can use to weld outside, without requiring gas. You could weld out doors using solid wire and gas if you set up some sort of a wind blind to prevent the gas from being blown away from the weld. I do not have any chart in front of me but since you mentioned 10 gage metal thickness, you will probably be pushing around the top end of the HH 140 class welder. You should be able to get into the specs under these welders and see what they should be able to weld. I would think though that the 140 class using flux wire should handle that okay.

        What I mentioned earlier about the power source is that the small migs that are operating on 110 volt power source need a good supply of 110 volts. In order to do this you should have the welder plugged into a socket that is supplying juice only to the welder, and it should have a 20 amp breaker on it. The extension cord can be of 14 awg for up to 50 feet in length, if using 12 awg the cord can be up to 200 feet in length.


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          ok, I understandnow. Thank you I appoligise for the miss understanding with the flux cord I kind of had a stupid moment. I will look into a GMAW now that was my only worry about the gas but it shouldent be top hard to find a wind breaker, Are he extention cords expensive that you mentioned? I have never really went out and looked at prices of the cords.


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            No the extention cords shouldn't be too bad, you could make your own by buying the cord at a hardware store or farm type store and buying the ends then putting them together, If buying already made up cords I would make sure any extention cords you buy were heavy duty and rated for outdoors type use.


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              here is flux core outside.
              you can make up a wind block and use gas outside if you wanted but flux core is easyer and dose not require any wind block and will also get you beter penitration with the smaller MIG units.
              14 gage cords are about $15 for a 50fter, the 12 gage get a bit more pricy but still doable. i have run my MM135 of a standerd house circuit many times with a 100ft 12 gage cord no problem.
              first pic is flux outside 2nd pic is whatit built.
              you will have to disreguard the dates on the camera i never reset it when i change the batterys and its got a mind of its own LOL
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                very nice. Today we had career day in our school, I went to the College welding teacher for one session and he remembered me from the open house at the college and I told him I really want to get into the course he took my name and told me phone me when you pass in your application and ill get you put on the accepted list


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                  good deal, looks like your on your way.


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                    Buying a welder.

                    Here's just a few tips from an FFE (far from expert):

                    I was looking to buy an inverter machine because the neighbors get a little ticked off listening to my AEAD-200LE hum for hours. I spent A LOT of time looking around and bought a Miller CST 250 still in warranty for $564 on eBay.
                    Another place to look is craigslist. There are a ton of scams out there, so be careful. For instance the one that is running now is a guy offering really great deals on welding equipment on eBay. He goes by and all his auctions are one day only. His auctions never last a day because eBay pulls them as soon as someone brings it to their attention that he is back. If you e-mail him that you want one of the welders he listed, he wants you to send $$ to him in Romania by Western Union. There is no telling how many guys have been ripped off by this jerk.

                    If you want a machine that will run off 120V take a good look at the Maxstar 150 STL or STH. They have the Auto-link feature and will probably do anything you want for quite some time. And they have the most marvelous feature. They are small. SMALL! Like lunchbox small.

                    But, above all, buy the most expensive unit you can afford; take good care of it; and when you are ready to move up, selling/trading it will be no prob.

                    Good luck!


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                      I was online looking at the Maxstars and there out of my price range thats going to be somethingill need to buy when i start to work in my own shop on my free time


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                        Unless Canadian Tire's a lot better in PEI than Quebec (and it wasn't last time I was there) you really don't want to buy a welder there. I know it says Lincoln on the side .... but the quality really, really isn't there. Not to mention that most (if not all) of the Lincoln machines they sell aren't Lincolns at all, but are in fact 'built for Lincoln' by an italian company. Get friendly with your local welding supply shop (who you'll need to know if you ever want to buy gas) and see what they've got in the way of trade ins. You'll likely get a much better machine for the same money.


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                          you might look into a ryland, wile i dont know much about them i did make a cover for a guy with one and he likes it verry much, about $900 US for a 200amp AC/DC unit. i also did some work for a ryland dealer and he swears by them(he could well be byast) but i can see if he can ship to CAN. for ya
                          it saw a ryland WSE 200
                          here is a pic of it that he sent me to make the cover, its been a long time scence i made it for him and he has not sent word of it causing him any truble.
                          as i said i personaly have never seen or tryed it i can only go by what another owner said, but it seems like an inexpensive option to get into TIG.
                          good luck in your venture to get a TIG unit, it took me over 3 years to save up the spendable $$ to get my TA-185 but i am verry happy to have it in the shop to play with. when they are just toys its much harder to justify the big $$ out of the house hold expence fund if its tight. my first TIG savings went to a new living room rug, couch , and chair as well as a used subarue station wagon. yep all that from what was saved up for a TIG welder but we had just found out we had a new babby on the way so thouse things needed to be done and i had to start over saving. i also got lucky to get mine just befor the price increase from $1700 to $2000 so that was a good move, within a week my welder was werth more used than i payed for it new .

                          any way good luck, you will injoy TIG when you get there. well that or you will hate it.
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                            hmmm.. It sounds very tempting. But it wont be until at least the summer before I can even think about getting a welder. Right now I'm just trying to save up for all the other things I need, But when I start my job ill have a better idea of what kind of money I'll be making but I'll keep you updated in messages and we can go from there.


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                              A Lincoln 3200HD is 115 current plug in you can use Flux- core or gas I got mine for about $459 at the local Hmoe Depot



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