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Questions about tig welding

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  • Questions about tig welding

    I want to base my career on welding with TIG welding, I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, Next year will probly be the time ill start or if im lucky i might get to do with with my apprentice (im enrolled in youth apprenticeship) but I herd it holds alot of the same proporties as torch welding, Is that correct, I know you use different gas for it but would the same torch movements and the filler rod be used the same? Please enlighten me on this inquiry

  • #2 try these it may help gas welding/oxcy fuel is similar. you do use different rod


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      thank you that helped me alot


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        its prety similer but diferent, the TIG process only uses gas to keep the xygen out of the weld and to protect and cool the tungsten and weld. if you can gas weld it will shorten the lerning curve a bit. it would be best to know all fasets of welding if you intend to make it a carer, good to have options.


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          Oh I know that you should beable to weld with all different kinds of welders, but i mean i would like to do more around the area of tig welding, Of course any other kind of welding will do


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            learning tig

            TIG welding is like gas welding, except for you control the heat input using a foot pedal or remote (not applying to scratch start of course). Learn the basics of TIG, then apply the basics of gas welding/brazing, and you will pick it up in no time.

            I learned to TIG early into my career working for Rocky Mountain Bicycles, about 12 years ago.. Now I don't use it much (not by choice), but I braze weld cast iron much more frequently. I found that the two processes are very similar in tecnique.


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