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A good start

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  • A good start

    My brand new trailblazer 302 arrives tommorro cant wait

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    Well...yere gonna hafta



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      congrats on the New welder
      thats a Great machine and you will be so happy with it
      I see happy days ahead


      please post some pics when you get it, we love to see new welders


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        Your gonna love it. I did my first paying job with my new one yesterday. Nice and quiet compared to my old Bobus Catus. Even the customer noticed the difference. Take a look at Miller's Ask Andy site to get the scoop on your oil changes. Lots of crap in mine when I changed the oil at 30 minutes. Now I am at the 5hr mark and time for another oil change. Should be interesting.


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          oh oh

          RAn the new unit yesterday extremly smoothe welded 4 '' pipe all day ,unbelievabe job over the bobcat 250 i ran for the rest of the job .Nobody said to change the oil before twenty hours like the manual instucted!


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            Like that three phase arc do you? I sure do. I have used three phase machines before, but I believe this is the smoothest.

            I am on the schedule most have used...first change at 30 minutes, next at 5 hrs with filter, next in the 25-50 range, next at 100 hrs with filter and then I will be switching to syntetic. When I changed the oil at 5 minutes, it had a ton of alu chunks in it. One was the same dia as a pencil eraser. At 5 hrs, the oil was much better. Only a few chunks. Glad I didn't have all that crap bouncing around in there long.


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              Trailblazer 302

              I was wondering how you like yourTrailblazer 302. I myself have committed to purchasing a Trailblazer 302 with the 23 HP Koholer.
              Anything you would do different?


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                I'm reeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy liking mine. Shoulda gotten it a long time ago.


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                  Mig unit

                  I am new to mig welding, can I purchase a mig attachment that will run off my trailblazer?
                  Or do I need to buy a complete mig welder and just plug it in?


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                    Either will work. The best set up is to get a remote feeder. The TB302 will run either a remote feeder(RC) or a voltage sensing(VS) one. I have both and have run both with my TB. They all work great, but the 12RC works the best. It is the remote feeder. You can adjust the voltage at the feeder instead of at the machine like the VS feeder. The arc quality with the RC is excellent. It is very good with the VS, but the RC is better by far. The RC feeder will allow you to run bigger wire than a stand alone shop MIG unit. You won't be limited that way nor would actually hauling it around be a huge pain compared to the stand alone. My 12RC weighs less than 30# without wire. The remote cable is necessary with the RC feeder. They are pricey, but worth it. The VS do not need the extra cable. They just plug into the leads and have a seperate sensing clamp that will go to the work.

                    Neither feeder is cheap. The VS will run in the $1100-1200 range and the RC is $1200-1300...$1600 with meters. I got the meters. You don't need them so much, but I like to know where I actually am instead of guessing. I primarily use the wire speed meter. The cable for the RC is around $165 for a 50' and $200 for a 75'. You can find them used or new on Epay. I got two VS there, one used and one new. Both were under 600 bucks. It took a long time to find them, though. If you are patient, you could find a good deal there maybe....if not, try this place... They had some good prices when I was looking for my TB and feeder.


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                      Am really satisfied

                      Have never run a m/c as smooth cant wait to hook up my al spool gun and my sitcase mig annnndddddd my remote control tig.I just finished my lift and got it off my pick-up ,time to dump the oil>spent all morning in the city trying to no avail to buy a replacement oil filter Must be too new no cross reference #'s yet


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                        Im happy that you got a new machine. You can make some money with that.


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                          Originally posted by m.k.swelding View Post
                          Im happy that you got a new machine. You can make some money with that.
                          Why are you raising old threads??? (really old threads)


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