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Need help with high temp camera

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  • Need help with high temp camera

    Does anyone here have experience with a high heat camera that I can put inside a pipe to view automatic welding? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Dennis

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    you may want to ask that over on the shop floor talk form there are some real wizards over there.


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      Where is the shop floor talk forum? I can't seem to find it!


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        Build a cage that will insulate the camera from the temps and any spatter.


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          Originally posted by baffledwelder View Post
          Where is the shop floor talk forum? I can't seem to find it!


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            air cooled

            I haven't built the exact setup you are asking about, but I have built something similar before. What I did was to build a box and then fab up an air connection to it. Then dial down the regulator on your shop air system and put a nice "breeze" through the box. Not only will it ventilate the box, but the decompressing air with have a slight refrigeration effect as well. The one down side to a welding environment would be wether or not you are back purging the weld area. If this is the case, I would also install a second line from the box as a vent tube to make sure there was no mixing of shop air and argon. Also, just depending on your exact environment, you may want to make the connecting tubes out of metal tubing to keep from melting a rubber or PVC line. SSS


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              high temp camera

              Why not just use a welding lens over the end where you can watch it. We do this when we set up out orbital welder to see what is going on. Just tape one on the end.


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                I appreciate the replys , but I am asking for help on finding a camera to do this. Can anyone tell me where to get what I want? There are a lot out there and they get expensive. The cost really isn't that big of a deal being that we just spent 2 weeks doing rework on a part becayse we could not see far enough in the pipe.


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                  How big is the pipe, and how far in do you need to go?

                  A lipstick camera attached to a computer interface on a little remote controlled dolly (think "radio controlled car") would be small enough for most pipes and heat shielding would be very simple, with the cable being the most sensitive part of the rig (if you use aluminum wheels on the dolly).

                  What are you looking to spend?


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