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Welding table pics

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  • Welding table pics

    Didnt know if any one would be interested in this, but I got done with a job today and snapped a couple pics of my welding table. The edge is drilled and tapped 1/2-13 every 3" and set at a true 90 so that I can clamp brackets (shown) up and hold pieces. I made the brackets out of some angle I had laying around. I clamp my vice and smaller bender up to this too. Comes in real handy for temperary jigs and mounting situations. Hope the pics turn out.
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    I like the table

    Looks like that would really come in handy..wish i had one like it. goog job!


    • #3
      How thick is the top. It looks like the side pieces the [threaded part] are welded on?? Looks great and a good idea.


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        I like that table thanks for the ideas.


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          The top is only 3/8" - the catch is its armor plate used in military applications, I got it from a local steel place, I cant remember the exact steel type, but I can grind splatter off and it hardly touches the table top. Pretty cool - not my idea- the guy at the yard told me I should use it instead of 1". I took the idea and ran with it . Saved me a bundle too, priced by the pound.


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            Sounds like AR plate, "Abrasion Resistant". Looks good.


            • #7
              AR plate is tough, we use it to make Vibratory plow blades. Don't need a hardened cutting edge with it, holds up fine. Grinds hard though. We get it in 4x8 sheets 1" thick, must weight 1500lbs or so.


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                Actually I think it was X10 . Dont know why that stuck in my head ? maybe I am wrong on that but for some reason I remember thinking thats what it was . I never deal with the stuff and didnt take the time to look it up, so I am clueless as to what that even is as far as properties.


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                  what kind of bender is that in the picture? what will it bend?


                  • #10
                    I cant even remember what type bender it is in the pic, I believe it is from northern tool ? I have a couple benders and only used this one for 1/2" cold rolled at this point. But it bent that stuff no problem. I believe it says it can do 5/8" round or sq ? not sure. But I will say that for $100.00 it fair quality and I know it will pay for its self over time. Sure is handy vrs, going to the hydro-bender and setting that up. If a guy had a bunch of smaller stuff I would say its a decent bender. Helps to have some experiance with benders, you can easly "eagle eye" up your bends with this and come out pretty darn good. If you go to you can see some dog stakes I did for a customer,these were done with that bender and a close eye. maybe 15 minutes to bend and counter the ends on those.



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