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  • BBQ Smoker/ Grill Trailer Help

    I am looking to build a BBQ Smoker/ Grill as a project then sell. After looking at some designs for this size (27in Flat cylinder, 60 inches long so about 150 gallons), I think I would have to do a design like this. Name:  7c46cf97378242b1b3698c11d0511721.jpg
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    Is it possible to do a design like this or would it not work? Name:  7b5392b2bb0ad5b0ee1bb62ebe97b676.jpg
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    By the way Im new here.

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    Smoking meat are great. They have some calculators you can run to make sure your BBQ balances out. You will find lots of input on design as well. I made one for someone a while back. We ended up making everything with a 3/8" wall using 24" sched 20 pipe. Works very well and holds heat nice and even.
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      ^^^what he said, lot of info on SMF^^^

      I don't think the second design would work very well at all.