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  • Another welding table

    When I set up my garage at our new house I knew it was time for a new welding table. While my 3'x3' table worked well at my old house I now had room for a larger table. So a few weeks after we moved in I ordered up the steel and put this table together. It's 4'x8'x1/2" I wanted to go 1" thick but the price was quite high and they had to cut it out of a larger sheet. The legs are 3"x3"x3/16" with trailer balls welded to each leg to level it.

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    Looks nice. I like the trailer ball idea, I'll have to file that idea away for future use.
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      I'll bet that was fun to flip over.

      Agreed! Very cool feet.
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        I was a bit hairy lipping it over


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          man if you change the legs top and trailer ball feet that table would look just like great idea on the leveling feet .plus with just a tiny bit of the ball toughing the floor that would make it a bit easier to slide if you have to move it.


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            I can't take credit for the trailer balls on the legs. I got that idea from Kevin Caron on his Youtube channel.