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Trailer repair

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    Dont bid it.
    Go hourly
    Miller Bobcat 225NT onan
    Millermatic 211
    Spoolmate 100
    (Retapped to fit regular mig tips)
    Work better & less parts to stock.
    Miller 130xp
    T/A Dragster 85 (portability 11 pounds)
    Oxygen/Acetylene torch set 50'
    2. 4-1/2" grinders
    1. 9" grinder
    14" Makita chop saw
    1/2" Aircat impact gun 900#


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      Nice to see that DOT does catch this kinda thing.

      Good for you, Nice to see work come to a guy when things are slow or times are tough. I know i have been slow the last week or so, very cold where I am so hopefully guys will be breaking stuff ! Best of luck to you on the repair, post some pics when you get it finished.
      I have a welding addiction

      ...the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask


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        If you haven't fixed this yet (and I know this is a late suggestion) I would call that number of the company and see if you can find out what steel they are using so you can match filler metal. Probably A36,,,,but you never know and it would definitely help with the liability question. Good luck with the project.


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          Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
          I would cut out all of the bad and start over. I also would make the gussets larger and run it down farther to the bottom channel like it isn't in pic 2. Also not to a point at the bottom leave some more meat...Bob
          Where the gusset is needed the most there almost isn't any.