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Truck Welding Table

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  • Truck Welding Table

    Hi, First off I'd like to say I'm new to this fourm, and I think its great. I'm a welder/fitter with about 20 years exp. I'm in the process of building a new welding rig. I just purchased a new trailblazer 302. I want to set up this in the back of my 2003 GMC 2500HD Duramax long box. I've already built a skid for the welder and cables, now I need a plan for a box mounted folding table. Any ideas or pics would be greatly appreciated.

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    I made one that slips into the reciever on the truck and sits a little higher than the tailgate when it's open to keep from beating the tailgate. Took about an hour. I used 1 1/2 tubing to frame a 1/4" table top then connected it the hitch with 2 x 2 x 1/4 sq tube. Threw in 1/4" gussets everywhere I could. **** thing will hold more than the truck now! I sure do like using it. It's good as long as you don't plan on towing with it while going to the job.

    I have a Chevy ex cab with a short bed. I love that Duramax!

    MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.


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      how bout posting some pictures of your table ...please
      would like to see it


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        Here is a pic. It's not installed but you can see how it looks and works. I never did get to paint it up yet.

        MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.
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          Mike, I like that table. What do you do with it when driving? I might have been tempted to fab up some sort of locking hinge to lock it in the up position while driving. Wouldn't have to flag it while on the road that way.........Dang, the more I think about it...that is a really good idea. I would definitely have to add an unbrella holder to the side. Kinda hot here at the moment.


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            It pins in like a regular hitch.I thought about making it foldable but I needed it for the next day. I don't flag it or anything but now that you mention it I probably should. You just have to remember it's there when you back up because it's invisible with the tailgate up. I did a job on some bushes parking one day. It's also good for tailgating!

            MD Welding & Fabricating L.L.C.


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              hey Mike, I like that its heavy

              don, a freind told me that he had one of those store bought reciever storge racks and a policeman pulled him over said he had to have tail lights on it.
              my friend was in another state on vacation, guess diffrent laws in diffrent states. humm

              I have built lots of things to go into reciever hitches,
              reciever hitches great invention

              nice job, Mike
              Thanks for posting the pictures



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                Richard, if it obscured the normal tail lights, I would say yup, it sure would need them. If the normal lights were still easily visible, then that would be a strange one. Reflectors will get some happy. If it extends past the bumper more than 4', then it would have to be flagged in most states to be legal. That is why I would have made it foldable. Doing that would probably take some strength away, so you would need some folding legs as well.

                I just may build me one one day.......after I finish my shop which will be a loooooong time form now.


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                  Vehicle computer damage

                  Is it necessary to disconnect the battery of your truck before welding? I have heard that it can mess up the computer or electronics of your vehicle if you weld on anything connected to it. Thanks


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                    Auto Confusers

                    No matter if it will or not, it is sure easier to disconnect then to replace everything electronic in the car, only problem is re-setting the radio to favorite stations!!



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                      You can disconnect if you like and feel better about it. It really isn't necessary, though. Pipe rigs weld on the back of the deck all the time and never have troubles. The electronics are on the front and the weld action is on the back. As long as the ground is connected to the work in the back and not on, say , the front bumper, the chances of current affecting the electronics is virtually nil. DC likes straight lines and short runs. That makes it easy.

                      FWIW, when they built my dump truck, about 75% of it was welded on the truck. The CAT computer never suffered and is still running strong. They did the same thing when they welded on the hitch plate. That was 3/4" plate welded single pass with a huge wire and high amps. If that didn't kill it, nothing would.


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                        Where I work, we work on Aerial devices [bucket trucks and digger derricks] We always un-hook the batteries before welding. That is, welding on the truck with the problem,not our service trucks. Our trucks all have circuit boards that control stop/start, throttle, pto etc. Not to mention the Catipillar ECM and the Allison ECM. To be on the safe side with welding on the bed of your truck make sure you have a GOOD ground. On our service trucks We weld in the vise and just put the ground on the vise. As far as welding on someone elses truck, unhook the batteries. We just replaced a CAT ECM that cost $1200.00 [not welding related] That would eat up your profit big time. Some trucks like fire trucks have as many as 6 ECMs. For lights and all. Nice hitch welding table though


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                          For those of you that are interested i'm building a table on the back of my utility truck body and i've takin lots of pictures for everyone to see and get some ideals.
                          since i'm new to the forum don't bash the **** out of me! if I can be of any help feel free to e-mail me. Steve. PS. if anyone knows how to attach pictures please help me.
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                            Originally posted by Extreme Steel View Post
                            For those of you that are interested i'm building a table on the back of my utility truck body and i've takin lots of pictures for everyone to see and get some ideals.
                            since i'm new to the forum don't bash the **** out of me! if I can be of any help feel free to e-mail me. Steve
                            PLEASE start a thread and post these pics!! I need something very similar as soon as I get a round tuit.


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                              I cannot figure this picture thing out? I can e-mail someone these pictures so they can be posted. I'm gonna go have a Margarita Holy tequila I got it
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