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    Originally posted by MMW View Post
    What kind of material will it be digging in? I ask cause I always put the wear bars on going side to side instead of front to back.

    Looks good but wow were they beat up.
    Like I said earlier, they wanted it done asap so I had to go with what I had in stock. The bottom plate was an A36 5/16" and the wear bars were A36 1/2" x 6".
    I installed the bars vertical because the customer wanted it like the OEM bars. What do they say "The customer is always right". It was a "general purpose" bucket. Thay used it for everything from digging dirt to pulling and smashing concrete, as you could see.
    I didn't mind though. Kept me busy.
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      I've been doing buckets for years now, never once have I put wear bars going from side to side. Yes, they are easier to put on and replace, the manufacturers love it (side to side), but the operators and contractors hate it, especially if they want a "clean trench" for laying pipes into. If you are just digging a hole, doesn't matter, but a couple miles of trench, you will see the difference. I use 1044/1045 steel, formed cold, have a special bender for this, if you heat them first you completely destroy the wear properties. Looking at Jpence's pictures, oftentimes I will put a short piece in-between the main wearstrips, right at the heel of the bucket. Also, like Portable mentioned, I will hang the outsides out a quarter or half inch all the way around, this protects the edges and the sides.
      Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....