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I love doing buckets

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  • I love doing buckets

    Here is a Cat 330 48" bucket. The operator smashed the bottom in while driving posts in the ground. Gave them a price last fall on a new floor, wear bars & also sides because they were thin. Owner said screw it, let them use it as is.

    Fast forward to two weeks ago & now they need it fixed as it is worn through in the corners & splitting about 12" on each side. The mechanic has welded a couple patches here & there over the last several months to keep it going. The kicker is they want it done as cheap as possible. They have a sheet of 1/2" plate laying out back for the floor. Says just pc. it in instead of having it bumped or rolled. Use HRS bars instead of AR wear bar.

    First two pics are when I first saw it. Last pic is yesterday.
    Name:  ca7f03504bd69252f73b1ce7aa8a07c8.jpg
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    I cut out the floor & used three pcs. to make it. Sunk it up in so I had plenty to weld to. Added 3/4" x 4" HRS flat bar to bottom. Coming out better than I thought it would although kinda flat on the bottom but that's what I was told to do. Just have to finish welding the inside now.

    Pic 1 is of the finished bottom, pic 2 is of the floor where it meets the edge. I tried to get a good pic of the weld but didn't come out good. Pic 3 is the inside ready for welding. Gouged out the seams.
    Name:  74421b00e4f24222734b36ac5161dbfc.jpg
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      I love doing buckets

      Well now the operator can drive his Pontiac Sunfire into the pavement and that bucket will be fine.


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        1/2" seems kinda light for 48" bucket.I know you said the owner made the decision but I think 3/4" would have been a wiser choice.


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          Originally posted by admweld View Post
          1/2" seems kinda light for 48" bucket.I know you said the owner made the decision but I think 3/4" would have been a wiser choice.
          Wow, 3/4"? The original floor was about 5/16" or 3/8". I have never seen a bucket this size with a 1/2" or 3/4" floor. The wear bars I used were 3/4" though which is standard around here except these are HRS not AR as per owner.

          28' of 3/4" x 4" hot rolled flat bar = $192 vs. 28' of 3/4" x 4" ar = about $700
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            And the hr will last about a 1/4 of what the ar will.You get what you pay for.Now the time to remove all the worn hr off and redo you could have bought ar the first time.It all comes down to how cheap the guy payn the bill is.


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              I wouldnt put any less than 10mm in their usually around 8mm new
              I usually put 10mm×50mm mild wear bars if trying to keep cost
              But ideally you need to put hardox as wear strips i usually use hx450


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                I should of mentioned that I always recommend using wear bar on buckets. In this case it was specified not to so as to keep the cost as low as possible. On buckets this size I always use 3/4" bar either 3" or 4" wide depending on how they sit on the radius. When these wear thin I will just put a second layer over the top.


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                  I will say mate 3/4 is a bit overkill.
                  For this size id use 15mm hardox at the max
                  Also welding little circles on the wear bars will stop them wearing even more do this on
                  The cutting edge as well between the adapters with hard facing rods
                  You can also weld sections of 15mm x 70mm between the adapters on the back of the cutting edge to save it wearing out.
                  Also you can either weld plates on top of the adapters or run hard facing weld over them.


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                    Very nice work. What does a job such as that cost?


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                      MMW, I totally understand, You did what the customer asked of you, The only thing I usually do different is to run my wear bars past the outside edge of the bucket to protect the corners and always make sure the leading edge of the bucket is wider than the back to prevent it from sticking, I'm sure you know that but wanted to remind others reading this post.

                      Nice job.

                      The customer is always right and this way you will get to rebuild the bucket a little sooner than normal, Its a win win for you.


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                        How about this one

                        This was one of the hurry up and get it done as cheap as possible. Is a 54".
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                          While were at it.

                          This was another one. Was much smaller, but still.....
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                            What kind of material will it be digging in? I ask cause I always put the wear bars on going side to side instead of front to back.

                            Looks good but wow were they beat up.


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                              looks great to me.


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