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aluminum welding table HEAVY DUTY

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  • aluminum welding table HEAVY DUTY

    Hi, I started making a table out of 2"x6"x1/8" box aluminum. Im not sure what I should use as a top. What would a table like this be worth? And how can I make it as functional as possible? Thanks. Pics below.

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    Well, that would depend on its purpose.
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      Originally posted by fabricator View Post
      Well, that would depend on its purpose.

      well thats what i need advice with. I am a welder, but never saw a all aluminum welding table. If I should throw 1/2" aluminum plate on top let me know........what would you do with this table?


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        Use a steel top... Spatter will kill you if you use aluminum.
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          Originally posted by Frank865 View Post
          Use a steel top... Spatter will kill you if you use aluminum.
          really? i see what your saying, but it seems such a shame to throw steel on top of this alum table.


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            aluminum welding table HEAVY DUTY

            Cover it with steel and comeback with a flapper disc and polish the crap outta it. Frank is right,splatter will ruin it and really break your heart.


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              personally, I would have never wasted that aluminum on legs for a welding table.
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                An aluminum table top would be good for small tig work or assembly work that needs to be handled carefully. Aluminum is soft so it would not mar/scratch the pcs. as easily. As far as a normal welding table I don't think it would have much use. To soft, will gouge easily, unable to tack pcs./fixtures to easily, expands/contracts at a different rate than steel.

                #1) top material -- If used for general welding use a steel top.

                #2) worth? -- As a welding table not much imo. Used welding tables don't command much money.

                #3) functional -- Maybe polish it & put a nice wood top on it to use as a desk?
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                  Yeah we had the material laying around. Still not sure what to do with it.....hmmmmm.

                  Anymore ideas? Like I said if you had this table what would you do with it?


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                    aluminum welding table HEAVY DUTY

                    If it were mine I would finish it out in alum and put my ole Tombstone on it with lead hangers and maybe a bench grinder or vise on it. Lots of crap hangers and a shelf or two for more crap.


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                      What about stainless on top?


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                        Originally posted by westpoint View Post
                        What about stainless on top?
                        Stainless if fine for a potting bench but will suck for a welding table. The spatter from steel will rust...Bob
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                          I used a big SS top once, that thing would hold heat forever. It was on another table top so I put some short legs under it, still held the heat too long IMO.