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    do any of yall have pictures of unique welder carts? if so we'd like to see them
    "Why go around the mudhole when you can go through it"

    Miller Bobcat 250

    Miller Syncrowave 200

    Lincoln Pro-Core 100

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    Welder Cart

    Here are a few pics of a cart I finished a couple of weeks ago and loaded with most of the stuff I intended to put on it.
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    Miller XMT-350 CC/CV
    Miller S-22A wirefeeder
    Bernard 400A "Q" gun
    Miller 30-A Spoolmatic w/WC-24
    CK 210 & WP-18 GTAW torches
    Hypertherm Powermax 30
    O/A Rig, Enco 4x6 bandsaw, etc.


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      Heres the stand for my Miller and the cart for the Lincoln. They're both fairly simple. the only feature really are the cable holders.
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        heres one the carts fairly plain the handle is the main featurein slides under the cart out of the way when not being used
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          I just wanted everything in one place except the oxyacet. and to look clean . I still have some work to do on it if i can get away from using it for other stuff
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          Miller 250MP
          Miller synchro 180sd
          Miller spectrum 375
          Spoolmate 30-A


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            Weld Carts

            Couple more>>>>>>>>>>
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              Cart Photos

              Here is a link to the post of photos of cart I built



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                Cart for Wire Welder and Future Plasma Cutter

                I made this to carry both welder and future plasma cutter. There's room for a small bottle of welding gas.

                Below the machines is a storage area for welding helmet, gloves, coiled leads, and the doors help keep the sparks and dust out.

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