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V8 Trike Frame

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  • V8 Trike Frame

    Would anyone have blue prints for a trike frame that would hold a small V8, My boys are itching to get started building one.

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    I don't have any prints on paper, just in my head. I started one 20 years ago. I used some flat bar to mock up the angles of the frame and the head tube. i think the frame was 60 degrees. I custom made a head tube on the lathe. My buddy had one with an Alum V8 Buick motor on it...Bob


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      V-8 Trike Frame

      I am a life member in the "BTW" Brothers of Third Wheel, all trikers about 5,000+ members world wide go to this URL and check it out, get on the forum and ask, I don't know of any but if no one there knows any,,, I would bet you will not find one.

      I am currently building a new trike out of 1.75 DOM with a V-6 Ford, auto and Independent rear suspension out of a 89 Cougar. Keep in mind the V-8 needs to be supported, and the rake and trail need to be right, but tons of good people that will help you over at the BTW.

      Good luck


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        that sounds COOL


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          i gotta check out that site, thanks Mushroom.


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            Originally posted by Srogers View Post
            Would anyone have blue prints for a trike frame that would hold a small V8, My boys are itching to get started building one.
            Hello, I don't have any blueprints but I do have a suggestion. If yoo can, take a first-hand look at one of the "Boss Hoss" V-8 motorcyles. (name corrected, Ha. ) They typically use a 350 V-8 and they also have a trike model. The frame would be exactly what you are talking about. You could get some good ideas from looking at one.

            As a long time motorcyclist, I've been to numerous Harley and other gatherings. Boss Hogg usually has a booth and I believe there is a website.

            If I were to build a V-8 Trike, I would spend extra time on the front fork and the steering head. There's a lot more weight on the front end than a standard motorcycle. It might even be a good idea to design a special fork for the trike sufficient to take the weight and still permit easy steering and shock absorption. Special attention to the rake and trail settings would be very important to prevent wobbles and hard steering.

            One nice thing about it is youll be doing a lot of welding. It would be a perfect job for some MIG and Stick ( with Miller machines, of course. LOL)
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              I believe the bikes you're referring to are actually called "Boss Hoss" as opposed to "Boss Hogg"s, although their first model was called something like "The Boss Hawg" as I recall. I knew a guy in Key West with one with a GM350 in it. Anyway, here's the link for their trikes page:


              I didn't see anything about buying the frames though. The absolute BEST trike I've ever seen (okay, let me rephrase that: my FAVORITE trike frame, since I'm not all that much of a trike fan) is the one made by Exile Cycles, and you can indeed download their price list in MSWord format for any/all parts you may need.


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                Here's a list for Exile's Trike page:



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                  V8 Trike frame.

                  Hi, I don't know if you have what you want yet, but if not I'm happy to help if I can.
                  I built a V8 trike using a Leyland P76 engine and Trans. Jaguar XJ6 Diff.
                  I built the frame, front end and body.
                  I was told when I built it that the best rake for the front end was 47 deg.
                  I used this and it's fine. I made a springer front end with the front set of forks bent to shape from inch and threequarter shaft, the rear set of forks are made from two inch x three eights wall thickness tube. Tripple trees are made from inch and a half med tensile plates. Main chassis is made from 2inch med black pipe. I'm happy to sketch any parts you may still require.
                  Please email me at Then I can send you a photo, As I don't know how to send thru this forum.
                  My trike has been in many bike shows and won many trophys. It's not like any other trikes you may have seen.


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                    welcome to the show.
                    now you got us all drooling for pic's.
                    if you want to send them to me i will post them here for you. or if you use the manage attachments button under where you type your message you will need to reduce the pic size to under 100 kbs . if you don't have a good re-sizer i'll be happy to do it for you. if you are running microsoft XP they have an excellent re-sizer in the power toys section. here
                    Image Resizer
                    i have used it for several years now with great results and no problems.
                    one way or another you gotta show off the pic's.


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                      I thought I posted this here a week or so ago??
                      Here's mine currently in progress. Recheck in a week or so, it's going in for Powdercoat next week.

                      Sorry, no plans, pulled it all out of my behind..............



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                        finaly,the much awaited. Collie132, V8 Trike frame pic's are here.

                        Collie132, V8 Trike frame pic's
                        working on getting some more pic's e-mailed over to me he has a bout 5 he sent me inside an e-mail (look great) but i cant get them out. this is the first one he sent as an attachment so i could get it out to share with every one. man do i hate dial up when it comes to pic's in e-mails. seems like it always makes me restart my e-mail download and i end up with 2 or more of every thing.???
                        any way with no further adue..................................
                        pic's are of:
                        keep sending them like you sent this one (one at a time plz) and i'll get them up for you. realy nice job on it.

                        she is coming along really nice. one more winter of tinkering, and you will be ready for a ride.
                        cant wait to see it powder coated.
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                          Going for powdercoat Saturday, picked up the black coated stuff this morning, frame should be done by this time next week. Then it's brake lines and electrical before it's ready to go. New motor is assembled, trans is waiting. "IF"(hoping) we get a late start on snow it should see some miles this fall.

                          The VW is one of the finer examples I've seen in awhile, very nice.



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                            Originally posted by Srogers View Post
                            Would anyone have blue prints for a trike frame that would hold a small V8,
                            I'll have you know,
                            my wife hates you.........

                            She was OK with all the car & boat restorations I've done.
                            I even skated on the 2 performance boats I've built.....
                            She doesn't really like the 16', 90mph, hydroplane, with a Merc. 150 hanging off the back.
                            But, since I don't take it out much,,,,,,,, she's gotten over it--almost.

                            But now that this thread has evolved into what it has,,,,
                            and I told her, " Baby,,, check this out: I've always wanted to build & drive one of those"....

                            The new wife sort of nutted out.....
                            and blames everything about this re-ignited pashion on you......

                            Last edited by Winger Ed.; 10-04-2007, 11:29 PM.


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                              HA, HA, Ed'S GUNNA GET BEAT UP BY HIS WIFE.

                              LOL, just kidding.
                              sorry i just had too.

                              here are some more of the pic's of tbe bug trike.

                              any one know of a good pic re-sizer for windows 98?? i have noyt used it in so long i cant remember what i used with it. my program only works on XP
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