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ideas to secure welder in garage

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    In addition to building a vault, look into an internet motion alert video recorder to supplement your security. With this type of system it will alert you by text message when motion is detected and then you can view live footage through a smart phone or computer. Much more dependable than dogs and a system starts at around 400.00.


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      Originally posted by scorpio_vette View Post
      First burglary, they broke in through the walk-through door. i replaced it with a steel door, better hinges and locks. Second burglary they more or less tore down the overhead service door. bend it and broke it right off the track. so in addition to securing the building, i want to make sure that my tools require the most amount of effort to be moved. burglars don't want to hang around for an hour having to disassemble stuff. they like to grab and run
      Dude..... go to HD or Lowe's or Grainger and buy a Knaack box..... bolt it to the floor... problem solved. Something I learned long ago is: if somebody wants something bad enough, you will NOT be able to prevent them from obtaining it. Secure your building as Honest John said.... put the welder in the Knaack box...

      bear in mind.... if it's steel... it can be cut.... and nothing stops an oxygen lance....


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        and btw...... I have built a few bank vaults in my career... if you want true security... look away from a cage and towards a cast concrete vault with a ball bearing aggregate.. (seriously)


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          i dont think ive seen an insurance company shortchange someone. they called you up and said that they had more lawyers than you so they are not paying?


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            Originally posted by mikecwik View Post
            i dont think ive seen an insurance company shortchange someone. they called you up and said that they had more lawyers than you so they are not paying?
            no. it literally came down to me not being able to afford fighting them anymore after i had being at it with them for nearly a year. they did however drop my policy within about 5months of the second burglary before the case was ever settled.

            but that's not what's on discussion right now. i lost $30,000, i got $0 back from the insurance.

            i do have to say thought that i'm very amazed that it seems like people here either think that since the thief could in theory break anything you can make, that there is no point in trying to secure things, or that you need to build a nuclear blast chamber.

            i agree that NOTHING is unbreakable, but the simple fact is that if it takes to much time for a burglar to "try" and get something, they usually won't bother with it. so if it takes me several minutes to get my welder out of whatever enclosure i might come up with, and i have the keys/tools to get in, then it would take a burglar even longer. therefore, HOPEFULLY i have a greater chance of me waking up with my tools in the morning.

            anyways. i figured this being a welding forum, and others probably having similar concerns, that i might be able to get some suggestions here.

            so to those couple who gave me useful tips, THANK YOU. and to those who didn't have anything useful to say.......thank you too.


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              hi,don't know where you are located but here is my local welders supply . They are in wisconsin and have awesome online prices. Sorry about your misfortune. That really sucks bustin your a## for years and have some low life steal what took for ever to get and not to mention that some things you can't replace.Happy Holidays, BOB


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                Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
                paint it Red and put a Lincoln sticker on it
                Never mind that paint it pink with a roller. A good welder is man enough to be able to deal with that but a thief won't. And some *UNT that would buy hot welder, that a real man makes his living with, won't touch it either ..Just sayin Also an alarm system that really hurts your ears will be amazingly effective. I had a customer that did that and while his competition got ripped off he did not. He has 29 sirens on and in his building. ( i kid you not ..cause I installed them) with 25 amps of battery backed up DC supplies. His motto if your gonna brake in your will be easy to find by the ruptured ear drums.


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                  I feel for you man.

                  The cops around here are also mostly usless unless there are donuts involved and they seem to think that, due to some case law history, that they are NOT obligated to protect any ONE or anything. They seem to have no qualms about collecting their paychecks and retirments, though.

                  Dealing with insurance companies is probably the thing in life I HATE doing more than anything else. Funny thing is, they are MORE than happy to take your premium (money) for years and years, but when it comes to paying out, they will wiggle, cry, scream, squeal like a pig, lose paperwork, flat out LIE to you, never return a call, etc, etc.

                  On the few occasions that I have had to deal with them, I keep a copy of converations, FAXes, Letters, EVERYTHING! I have never seen anyone "lose" so much stuff or not be able to remember anything about any phone conversation. You have to GET THE NAME of anyone you talk to and keep a record and even then when you refer to a particular phone con and the person you had it with, you will most likely hear that "Oh, he/she doesn't work here any more." Or maybe "I don't care what Mr./Mrs. X told you, that was not correct." ****...the only excuse i think I did NOT hear was that their goat ate the papers...!

                  I agree that reading and understanding you insurance policy INCLUDING ALL THE FINE PRINT is a good way to protect yourself. If you have a buddy or a neighbor that is a lawyer, ask them to look at the policy because a lot of the time the loopholes the insurance company dives through when you file a claim are not apparent to the lay person because they are PURPOSELY obscured in miles and miles of BS and legalese. I HATE most insurance companies and am lucky to have my vehicles and house covered by USAA, which I consider to be one of the best and most honest insurance companies. Now that I think of it, I guess I should talk to them and/or look at the policy to see if my tools and machies are comvered in case of a break-in. I suppose I will have to explain how the inert gasses on things like MIG and TIG welders isn't going to blow the place up, huh?

                  Luckily, in my neighborhood, the neighbors are mostly all gun nuts and they pay attention to who is around......I had one guy come over armed and ready one time when I got a home a day early from a trip when he saw my door unexpectdly open...he was all disappointed when he saw it was me and said.." Dang it!! YOU?!?!?! I thought I was going to get to SHOOT SOMEBODY!"
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                    M18A1 Claymore.


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                      Originally posted by strube1369 View Post
                      M18A1 Claymore.
                      Yea, I agree a wonderful idea, altho my Dad had a good customer years ago who had thieves.
                      He rigged a 12 ga. to the door....... only to forget!!!
                      After he blew his guts out, he drove himself to the doctor and died.

                      Back on topic, when fastening your system you may wish to either use odd sized bolts or even several different sizes so one would need several tools.


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                        I'm just finishing building my garage. I have a lot of the
                        Of the same concerns. I installed swing out man doors so it's harder to kick in. I also installed dead bolts on the overhead doors. Lots of motion lights. Plus a security system!


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                          i am currently deployed and since i have been here my house has been robbed twice. luckely my garage has not been entered due to the leingth of security that went into it.

                          the best security advice i have ever gotten was from a buddy who is a locksmith he said. there is no one type of security that will keep someone out. the best security is different types of security in layers. theives want to get in and out as quickly as possible. make it time consuming and not worth the risk so they will go to the next house that has the easy score.

                          he also tough me how to pick locks.. it is much easier to pick a masterlock then you think.. after a few hours of practice i was able pick nearly any common household deadbolt or padlock you can buy from walmart or home depot in a matter of 1-5 minutes with a few simple easily attainable lock picks and a tensioner.

                          here is my current security on my garage.

                          the garage is 40'x30' with 2 big bay doors and a personell door the bay doors have 3 windows on them each/

                          1) my garage is in my back yard which is fenced in. on the fence i have a chain and a lock.

                          2)on the personell door i put on a brinks lock i got from lowes it looks like a lock you would see on am armored truck with a 1/4"steel hasp and a round knuckel style lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. it bolts to the building with 3/8 carrage bolts the heads sit under the lock when it is installed. looks like this one

                          3)there is also a dead bolt and a standard locking knob. on the personell door.

                          4)the roll up doors have locks on the side latches behind the windows i carrage bolted 2x10x10' wood so if they break through the window they cant reach in and try to cut the locks off.

                          5)i have pad locks in the tracks as well as c clamps on the tracks so even if they get in the building they cant open up the big doors easily without a ladder.

                          6) i have an 8 camea survallence system (just installed after robberies) it has night vision and it is hooked up to the internet so i can see a live feed of my house even from the other side of the world. when motion is senced it records and e mails me of the incident.

                          i think the garage was not hit due to the amount of work it looks like it would take to try to get into quietly and quickly.

                          make it look like it will be hard to get into and make it hard to get into. once they are in they can see the prize and will get it one way or another.


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                            Just pick up a inexpensive GPS tracker

                            Pick up a cheap GPS Tracker , For example: I have a cheapie garmin gtu strong 3m double sided taped in both my Miller Diversion 180 & my Miller 211 Mig, and a couple more feature rich models hiden in my Irreplaceable show cars... Anything ends up missing... Myself , (laptop logged into google search), and my Kimber .45 will be taking a little drive, lol....Cops can come along if they like...or if not, that's fine too, lol ...PS: The common welder (or tools) thief will NEVER suspect something like this, and you WILL get it back ASAP.
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                              Originally posted by Joe B View Post
                              Pick up a cheap GPS Tracker , For example: I have a cheapie garmin gtu strong 3m double sided taped in both my Miller Diversion 180 & my Miller 211 Mig, and a couple more feature rich models hiden in my Irreplaceable show cars... Anything ends up missing... Myself , (laptop logged into google search), and my Kimber .45 will be taking a little drive, lol....Cops can come along if they like...or if not, that's fine too, lol ...PS: The common welder (or tools) thief will NEVER suspect something like this, and you WILL get it back ASAP.
                              Neat idea.... but I would be concerned that the welder cabinet would form a faraday cage and block either the GPS sat signals or the wireless com signals.... making it useless unless mounted on the outside of the metal cabinet....
                              Have you tested it to make sure it has full communication???


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                                Gps tracking sounds like a cool idea.

                                Not knowing the layout of your shop makes it harder to suggest options. First I would suggest a sturdy set of doors and window bars. Doors can be opened up, steel doors, and reinforced. I've done it and as long as frame/hinges sturdy enough only have to worry about having to remount it with extra weight. I would also suggest an alarm with a loud squander. I have a system in my house/ shop that is cellular or land line and backup power for 48hrs if power drops. All for under 50$ a mo. It has a siren that if tripped almost made me want to run away from my own place. I have seen caged areas taking a wall or corner that would be a good next step. Floor to ceiling, sturdy enough where a hand operated tool pop something loose or separate sections. Would also sink anchors everywhere fastening to floor walls and ceiling. I would make footprint large enough to put everything you wish to secure on hard wall side of cage so they can't reach anything to help them. Leave nothing that could be used to defeat cage unsecured. More securable cabinets or cages inside primary cage could be made but if first cage is sturdy enough I would cover everything up. Many other ideas I've come up with after my place was broken in to some legal, but your service doors (bay doors, garage style, whatever you call them) are a soft point also. I could also put a full cage or if structure is sturdy enough cables that could hold back a car trying to bend door. I personal would do alarm ( loud one, even with out monitoring service), window bars, reinforce door / locks in door, and service door. Make hard to get in, once in alarm will make it harsh / uncomfortable to continue. Alarm systems can be simple or with all bells and whistles, turns on cameras transmit to your phone,etc. I've rambled long enough, it gets under my skin when my stuff gets taken so I understand your situation.


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