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Which wire for my millermatic 135?

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  • Which wire for my millermatic 135?

    I looking for a big roll of wire and was wondering what size i should get. Should i get the solid .023 or .030? Its mostly for projects around the garage. I have gas hooked up to the welder also.

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    Either wire will run well in your machine. If you plan on doing mostly thin body panel type stuff I would go with the .023, if you don't do alot of the real thin stuff I would go with the .030.



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      .023-.025 same thing

      i get 11lbs spools of .023-.025 wire for my MM135 and keep a 2lbs spool or 2 of flux around for the outside need's. the .023 wire will cover all your needs with the MM135.


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        I mostly run 030 in my HH135, 023 seems to "birdnest" easier.


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          Thanks for the responses. Will my size welder handle the .030 or will it work better with the .023.


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            tnjind, you welder is not properly adjusted if you are birds nesting .023 steel wire. you need to re-adjust the tension.
            i have been running .023-25 wire for 7+ years in my MM135 and never had the .023 wire birds nest. its doing that because you have the tension too tight so when the wire sticks to the tip it cant slip, so it nests up instead.
            with the power of the MM135-HH135-140's the .025 is a good fit. if you need more than that odds are you are pushing the limits any way. use it for its intended purpose and you should be fine with .025 wire. any way you look at it no mater what wire you put in it, you should not be welding 1/2 steel.
            lawn mower repairs and stuff around the house the .025 wire will do fine. i really don't think you will be as happy with the feel of the .030 wire. if you are not shore, grab a 2 lbs roll of each and give them a try. then grab a 11lbs spool of the one you prefer. or just keep both on hand. its not hard at all to switch out the wire and tip. you don't need a new liner, just new tip and flip the drive wheel to the size. only takes about 1 minuit and you are ready with a new size. fast and easy.
            i run strait Co2 in mine now but ran C-25 for the first 5 or 6 years. they both burn fine. the Co2 is a bit hotter but still a nice clean burn. Co2 only makes a more splatter than C-25 at over 200 amp's. way past the MM135's range.
            its a great lil MIG unit that will serve you well with almost no service on your part. i blow it out with air once a year, thats it. thats all i have ever done to mine and it runs as nice today as it did the day i got it. about 100 lbs of wire ago.


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              I am low on wire, I will try 023 again, it has been so long since I used it last. I have ran ALOT of 030 through my machine, even 035 in a pinch, too big though.
              I set my tension so when I cup the wire with my hand it stops.
              I will revisit the 023 and respond with my birdnesting issues (if they still exist)
              I am still very happy with the .030 wire though.


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                I always run .030 in my 135 but thats just me.


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                  by all means run what works best for you, after all its you using it. be happy with it. .023 should not be birdnesting, but if you are happy with the .030 then use it. i just found the .023 to have the smothest burn and capable of all my needs within the welders class.


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