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    I am a hobbist and new to stick welding. I know this sounds like a dumb question, but what is the easiest way to open and get into a can of welding rods? Specifically 1/8 th 6010 and 3/32 7018. Some one told me to throw the can on the ground hitting the corner to open it. I am afraid that will damage the rods.
    Any help is appreciated


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    How big a can of what brand? Lots of different designs. Most open like a can of vienna sausages...


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      Thanks Mac702

      The rods are Lincoln Fleetweld 5P 6010's & Lincoln 7018's they were given to me and must be old cans because they are'nt the "EASY OPEN' type.



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        Do they maybe have a coil that you unwrap with a key near the top, like an old can of SPAM?


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          NO Obvious opener


          There is no visibile opener at either end. They appear to be sealed cans.
          I'm not sure how to open them up without damaging the rods inside!



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            Maybe you can use a 1/2" wide flate chisel 'make shure its sharp' and start at the edge and open the top . you dont have to have a big hole .
            you can make a small opening at one of the corners of the can and then tilt the can and poor a few rods out at a time.
            kinda like how you use a flat chisel to cut off the top of a 55 gal. drum around the edge
            hope this helps
            and welcome to the forum



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              Thanks Richard, I tried it and it worked!
              I'm so glad I found this forum, I willl check back often.


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                Use your grinder


                I had some at school that were very old and sealed up tight. No easy open lid... so I took my grinder and went around the seam until I cut it in two... worked very well and didnt damage the electrodes...

                I would not throw them down on a corner!


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                  We used a hammer and screwdriver in the corner of the lid to open up a triangle.....a torch........and whatever else would cut metal. Always hated getting cut up by them, but that was just part of the job. Those were the days.


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                    so Iam i reading this right that welding rods over come in cans ?
                    over there in either a cardbroad box or a plastic box
                    just wondering


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                      Some come in cardboard, some in plastic and some in steel cans. It all depends on what they are, the size package and who they are from. For ex: Linc 6010's are available in 10# can...I believe they used to have a 5# can, too.....and a 50# can. Hobart 6010's are in one pound plastic tubes, 10# plastic can/tube deal and 50# can. Switch to 6011's and the big cans are now cardboard boxes. I don't believe there is any rhyme, reason, or logic behind any of it. It is all just a ploy to keep us guessing.


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                        glad that my info helped. welcome to the forum and Happy welding

                        . Richard


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                          Plasma cutter

                          Band saw...think that would work?.
                          Last edited by fyoung; 06-05-2006, 11:06 PM.


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                            What about the old style millitary can opener


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