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tig filler rods for carbon steel

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  • tig filler rods for carbon steel

    Perhaps someone can answer this question about tig filler rods based on facts.

    I've seen many welders sand the copper coating from the filler rods before they will weld. I've never done this. I can't see where it makes any difference, but maybe I don't have the experiance to see the difference.
    They all swear by it, and would never weld without first sanding the copper off. Anyone with a real answer? Oh and what about my 308 rods? I see people sanding those too. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms..

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    as i understand it the copper is vaporized by the heat needed for steel welding. i'll see if i can find that in writing for ya. seems i remember reading it in one of my welding books, but i could be wrong. i'll look for it.


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      I welded nuclear pipe for over 30 years and never sanded the coating off any type of rod. I never saw anyone in the company sand any carbon steel at all and we welded miles of pipe in the reactors and outlying areas. I think it may be a preference for some in the different fields. I really don't think it makes a difference. I am sure I will hear repercussions from this but I feel sanding is not needed.



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        I never have when welding pipe,although i have seen some welders wiping them down with emory cloth. unless there is a light coat of rust its pointless in my book.
        see no point in any others,except aluminun wire.


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          I have never done this with mild steel or stainless, but I have used scotch brite pad or emory cloth on aluminum. But maybe they know something I don't.


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            some of the guys i work with do , the only reason they give is sometimes it will leave what looks like a flake of silica (for the lack of abetter word) at the end of the weld.


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              this has been covered and i'm sure a search will turn it up. the copper is the lubricant used to extrude the wire, it also helps stop corrosion. I forget what happens to it in the welding process but as i remember it is not in any way harmful.


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                lots of posts about it here.


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                  Sanding rods

                  All BS............just use 308 / 316./ or best yet 310 stainless for all your needs and it'll work the best .......... it's stronger then a steel weld, you have constant supply of rods , if ya need it for SS ya got it ............ and it's pure weld............


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                    Tig rods

                    Why would you want to use the more expensive SS rod on carbon steel as most steel is going to be painted. The last time I bought 1/16 308 tig rods at my lws they were $12.00 a lb. and 316 was much more. I am not trying to downplay what your choice may be, but it seems like a waste of money. I would not want to pass that on to my customers.

                    Thank you and good luck


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                      I guess it's time to start sanding all the copper of my Mig wire too...


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                        thank you

                        I want to thank everyone for their help with my question about the copper coating on the carbon tig filler rods. As far as someone sugesting just using a 308 guessing you ment a 309 for welding carbon. I know a 309 will work on carbon but not sure about a 308...Anyway thanks for the help.


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                          All we use for filler at work is S.S. I can't remember which one at the moment. We don't tig carbon steel every day most of our tig work is alum. and stainless so it's not worth having 3 types of filler when 2 will get the job done.


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