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Dog Kennel project help

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    every one has a different idea as to what a dog/pet needs.a safe environment is high on the list and that is the point of this thread. it dose not sound like any one is advocating pore treatment of animals.

    stickman, thanks for clearing up the hunting dog question as to how they interact with owners. as i said i have never had a hunting dog so had no idea. sounds like a good arrangement you have for them.

    monte55 you really have taken this a bit far off the origin of the post. wile i commend your feelings on how a pet should be treated, this really is not the place for it, and it has greatly diminished the post.


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      I raise Rotties and I developed a system to contain them. My health and labor was an issue to suit my condition. large panels were difficult and to large to manage. I developed a cage system and it is suited to all aspecs of escape artists. No BS, you would be awed at the results of 4 years and much trial and error. I have distributed them to pig, sheep and goat farmers in NY and I am currently in Utah. Universal techniques and standardized assembly allows for easy adaptability and farmers do not have to buy all again or another something new to add on to it next year.

      Respond if you like the pics.Name:  66391641deb01353d8de5d1d5852c225.jpg
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      Name:  73b1c06de9d5275d39cd3e3f1895ed31.jpg
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      email for more information.


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        great looking cage, dose it have a top ?


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          cages have dual function top!

          The cages that were designed for minimal repeat purchasing of new items. The Top is actually a side panel. I developed a corner piece to hold and fasten it all together. If you want a top, just buy 3 side panels usually 5x10'. If the top is no longer desired, it will not sit in the garage, but be used as another panel to extend the enclosure.

          Any shape or variation of setup may be established and Yes, one can be sized to fit into the back of a pickup truck. Then, when you get to the camp site you can move it to the ground withing 2 minutes.

          I took a full cage totally disassembled and told a college student to put it together. He had no knowledge of how or what it was to look like. It took him 6 minutes to fully assemble the cage without help and no tools were required. Oh yeah, there were no bolts or screws necessary for assembly.


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            cool, and if a college student can put it together. it must be easy.


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              I am building a kennel about like you are planning. It will actually be 20x8 when finished. I found some cool hinges and latches that might work for you. If you have not already purchased the steel you might want to consider 1 1/4 square tube in 16ga. It has more structural integrity than 1in11ga and is a heck of a lot lighter to move and work with. If you hold out a stick of 1in 11ga and a stick of 1 1/4 16 ga the 1in will flex more in a 16 to 20 ft run. This ain't my first rodeo on this.

              The attached pics are of the kennel in 8x10 unpainted. The other 2 10ft. panels are in paint now. I needed this to be modular so I could move it if needed. Thats the reason for the sections and the lighter tubing. The blank space above the panel will be decorated with doggy artwork when finished. The hinges are Intercon and have a brass washer and a grease zerk for a no squeak finish.

              Good Luck

              PS Dont let the other stuff in this thread bother you. They have never had their landscaping or their furniture ate by a lab or a high strung pointer.
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                thats going to be a really nice looking kennel. the silo-wets look great and should dress it up nicely.

                welcome to the site, good to have you with us.
                good point about the 1in 11ga VS 1 1/4 16 ga . definitely some thing to consider.


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                  Dog Kennel

                  1.5 ID 0.060 tube was very good keeping panels from bending and flexing


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                    Size of pannel fencing

                    Originally posted by nitrex View Post
                    I am thinking about building a few dog kennels. They are going to be 6' X 16' and 6' high. I would like to build 6' and 16' panels and hinge them in the corners. I am planning to build them out of 1" square tubing (11ga) and 2" X 4" welded wire horse/cattle panels. Does anyone here have any suggestions or pictures of something similar you have built? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

                    You may be unhappy with horse or cattle panels. I'd be glad to discuss with you what seems to work best depending on what dog(s) you are housing.
                    717-342-1532 GoPet. We make dog powered exercise wheels and have some experience with your question.



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                      cool, a hamster wheel for K-9's.


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                        Good Thread. I'm planning on making some kennels myself. The only thing I am seeing that I would want different, is latches that lock or that a pad lock can go through.


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                          Originally posted by Hundguy View Post
                          Good Thread. I'm planning on making some kennels myself. The only thing I am seeing that I would want different, is latches that lock or that a pad lock can go through.
                          That is what I did with mine. Just like the Priefert latch.




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