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help needed urgently!!!

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    good job!!!


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      Great job on passing the exams.... You're going to show the "boys" how to weld..


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        hi again

        ur comments are great!! u giv me confidence in succeeding. was speaking to my trainer the other nite an he was sayin his boss doesnt giv compliments about welders often, but said im going to make a great tig welder one day. my gaffer also said that too so im very happy with that. its just the bit in between thats frustrating cos i want to be good right away. no its not going to happen tho. practice makes perfect and theres no quick route there.

        ive ordered a laptop on the net but i dont think its going to arrive before i leave which is tomoro or tuesday so i probably wont be in contact for a while again till i get sorted. my next trip is 35 days so sorry if i dont speak till then. i will take pictures of the butts i do and put them on here when i get home again.

        im from scotland yes. not many girls doin the welding over here so its quite a lonely job working away. ive made some great male friends along the way that keep the bad ones away tho. luv working away on different jobs and learning new things. its great.

        well im going out tonight to see an old work mate. the whisky will be flowing for sure. (luv the stuff) will go just now but will try and get a wee comment in before i leave for wales. if i dont tho, thakyou all so much for ur kind and supportive words. uv got a big part to do with me getting where i am, i really mean that.
        take care and much luv
        lorraina xxx


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          Will miss you for the time that you won't be on the forum
          Can't wait to hear from you as soon as you can...


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            gonna miss u all too. its great talkin to like minded guys who are willing to help when its needed. thankyou all.
            whisky and beer is calling me. cheerio now
            lorraina xxx


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              good to hear.
              I thought this was one of those threads that we never hear back from the orginal poster. thanks for keeping us informed.


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                Just wanted to say congrats...Good to see you took the chance and it paid off for you.


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                  just to let u all know that things are still going well.
                  iv come on really well with my tig and the stick welding is really good too. my manager said it was the neatest on the job so im pretty chuffed to say the least! ive been on that job now for 10 months. now winters coming iv had to buy some thermals as were working outside in all conditions. it rains alot here so theres not much welding getting done. long day doing nothing and the hours hav gone up to 12, 7 days a week so no playtime for me. good saving job tho cos theres not much to do round about. im so glad i took the chance as its paying off now. im confident with 2 new processes and have learnt so much. its really hard working on a building site with all those men tho as im the only girl on the tools, and theres about 500 of them! i have made some great friends who look after me tho. id be lost without them.
                  well take care and thanx again for helping me. so greatly appreciated xxx


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                    Glad to hear your doing well, so often people seek help here and we never hear how things turned out.
                    Good job!


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                      nfinch86- CANADIAN WELDOR :

                      Girly_Welder; Hi , I just found the thread today, & Read every post from back in January upto Today. What an experience you've had, just incredibile what YOU HAVE ACOMPLISHED!!! i'VE BEEN IN THIS INDUSTRY 40+yrs.; What a story. CONGRATULATIONS !!!.......Norm :


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                        hello all!!

                        hi everyone. its about a year since i joined this forum desperatley seeking help with the tig. thought id rite and tell u whats happening now.

                        well, i got paid off from that job in wales on the 18th of december. it ended up to be not the best because all we did was stand about all day. and although it was a novelty at first, it got too boring as i wanted to be progressing all the time.

                        anyway, i decided to take january off and just go mad for a month with my old friends iv not seen for so long. being scottish, i had a wee dram or two, too many at times!! i bumped into an old school friend who is a welder and he mentioned a job working in the gulf of mexico on a boat welding pipes with the semi automatic (iv done this before in a spoolbase for 7 weeks here in scotland) using the vermatt system. i havent got my offshore survival tho, but decided to call the company anyway as i hav dual nationality so wouldnt need to get a visa. to my delight i was offered a job!! the only real issue was because im a girl, the accommodation situation was a bit complicated, but its sorted now. they are paying for my survival course and my training and test starts on the 6th of february.

                        im so excited but very nervous too. luckily my mate is there and i know a couple of other guys at the job. its such a small world here in britain when ur welding. every job iv been to iv known someone or they know me. its a good thing but also a bad thing.

                        i really am so happy i take a chance now and then and dont miss an opportunity when it comes my way. i want to be the best welder i can be and be able to work a range of processes. i cant stress enough to all of u out there to do the same. whats the worst that can happen? iv had my share of bad moments but this isnt the place to talk about it. and they dont matter anyway, cos the pluses far outweigh the minuses!

                        this will be my first job working out of britain and offshore, so its another new experience am delighted to gain.

                        best of luck to all of u testing or worrying about a new job. whats meant to be will be.


                        lorraina xxx


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                          Girly welder,
                          Congratulations. Welding really can take you places. You'll love the gulf. After British food you'll like the Cajun' cooking.

                          In my experiences all things being equal, women are better welders. Take care and be careful on the rig.

                          Check back in time to time and let us know how it is going. Pictures of your work are great too.


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                            everythings cool!!

                            hi there,

                            thanx for ur reply diamondback

                            im pretty excited about the whole thing but worried too. its a whole new ballgame to the good old days in the shipyards. i will do my best to get pictures and post them on here. that last job i couldnt because it was a live site so if i was caught with my fone its instant dismissal.

                            dont think iv ever had cajun food before but will giv it a try for sure!

                            im trying to get organised for going to the workshop for my training and test but havent got a clue what to pack as its freezing cold up there and im not sure if im getting home before i fly out and need to take not so warm clothes for welding in the heat over there. (this is the girl in me coming out) "i dont no wot t wear"!! ha.

                            there is internet access on the boat as far as i know, so i will do my very best to keep in touch and let u know how its goin. its 12 hour shifts in the blazing sun so i think i will be tired alot of the time. wont be used to hard graft or the heat.

                            wel, must get back to this washing and packing. take care all

                            lorraina xxx


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                              Good luck and keep in touch, it sounds like it will be a great adventure.


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                                Way to go Girlie!!!!

                                I have to tell you, any time anyone tells me;"you can't do it"...I do!

                                Not because they said I can't. Just because "they" said I can't!
                                Limits are for people who are limited!

                                You are not limited, you are inspired!

                                I bought a cheap, worthless, can't weld nuthin' MIG about 6 months ago. "They" say it can't weld nothing.

                                Got laid off 3 months ago, got bored, tried to weld with it and "they" were RIGHT!!!!!

                                I came to this (and other) web sites, read a whole lot and took my little MIG apart, figured out how it was supposed to work and made it work!

                                I just want you to know, you have inspired me. You are what is right in this world! You can't, and won't, be beat down by the way things have been.

                                You are an inspiration to anyone who needs to be inspired!

                                BTW, anyone who doesn't believe aunt's name is on the Enola*** (What's with this politically correct crap? I can't even type (stands for "he likes men and rhymes with bay) . It's a famous airplane. Look it up!

                                Keep being who you are, stiff upper lip and all that rot.

                                I am proud of you and intend to get certified on 6G too.

                                With my Respect,


                                52 years young...and still counting!


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