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  • Steer Skull

    This is my first time posting a pic on the forum, thought i would give it a shot and show off the steer skull i just finished out of 10ga. steel. I also have a set of spurs I made from an old rasp. If you look close you will see the small skulls instead of rowels.

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    very impressive! nice work


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      Very Cool.

      Are the horns hollow? And how did you shape them.

      And post up some pics of the rasp spurs.


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        WOW! Very cool, and unique idea on the spurs.
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          Thanks, I ended up using 2 1/2" pipe for the horns and cut and welded until I got the form i was after, it did take awile. Here is a better picture of the spurs. My wife is a Barrel Racer (can chaser) and prefers a bumper spur rather than rowel, so I came up with this. every part is from one of my old shoeing rasps exept the clip for the hanger which i used a piece of 1/8" 7018 rod.

          thanks again.

          I am working on getting a website put together to show off some of these pieces. Along with my Construction projects.

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              Very nice work ... really like the head..
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                Do you have any pics of the build-up that show off your work in progress??


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                  No i didn't take any pics while putting this together, but that is something i need to start doing. The top of the face is put toghether with 4 pieces and the sides used 5. The eye sockets were formed from a short piece of 2" pipe cut down to scale. The teeth are from 1/2" square tube hammered.


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                    very, very cool!!


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                      Sweet! Nice job. I have the tattoo on my arm. I have wanted to do a horse head for a while but never seem to find the time.
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