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any female welders here??

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  • any female welders here??

    just wondered if theres any girl welders on here. im at a lonely point as ive been doing this job for 8 years now and never come across another one. no offence guys. pm me if there is for a wee girl chat. cheers xx

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    Look up Cat and Weldress in the members list, they are both on here and both do some awesome sculptures. Welcome aboard, Dave


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      I am a High School Welding Teacher... I have 5 girls in class this year. I think that is great!

      You said you have been in welding for 8 yrs, what do you do? Just curious...



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        thanx dabar39. i will look them up.
        hoellowyo... im a shipyard welder over here in scotland. do mostly mig and mma but am trying my best to learn the tig at the moment. its a bit of a nuisance tho cos i hav to work away, make some money then stop working to learn it.(spent all my savings on an expensive car!!)
        there is no girl welders over here that ive had the chance to work with especially in the contracting world, so am kind of stuck with the patter from the bears. living, working and drinkin with them can be a bit much after a while. they look after me an that but a bit of female company would be nice for a change as i dont see much of my friends when im working away. good speakin t ya xx


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          Hello Lass

          I'm from Dumfries and came to the states in 71. Where abouts are you?



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            Hey always happy to see girls anytime anywhere Actually one of the best TIG welders I ever saw was a girl (no kidding). Don't give up on the TIG it takes a while but now it's about all I do and really enjoy it. Scotland huh? my ancestors were from Scotland
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              bonny scotland!!!

              im from john o groats originally but been living in glasgow for7 1/2 years, well when im not working away.serverd ma time in the two shipyards here. there both owned by Bae systems. what made u move to america? im very lucky cos my mums american and i hav dual nationality. wld luv to go and work on a pipeline or mabay shipyard over there. whats the money like. nearly went over last year but a good number came up here so my plans went out the window.

              a heard the girlys are pretty good at the tig just takes practice, more practice and even more practice to be good. was lucky enough to hav a company from up north take me in to practice, but my funds ran out so searching for a job now with not much luck as most companies over here want u t have ur own certs and thats something ive never bothered with but it seems to be the way to go for the better money jobs.

              what u workin at ursel fellow scot? xx


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                Hey there..

                I moved here with my folks, I was pretty young and I also have dual citizenship. I have family too in Glasgow and I used to compete in the Highland games until my back said no more. Oh what great fun it was, more brew than medals. Anyway I started my business years ago and have done well but I'm a mig and stick man and have a few guys in my shop that tig well. I am taking my time learning but am getting better as time goes on. You will get it, it just time and is more like welding with O/A. Anyway the pay here is good in the shipyards (Santa Monica, Long beach and of course our Naval ports). You can get local info by going to those shipyard directories. Anyway you must be working at Govan? If so, I love that yard and have been there many times. You must love to work there?



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