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Longevity of Dynasty 300? hours/cycles?

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  • Longevity of Dynasty 300? hours/cycles?

    What is the life span of the Dynasty 300s?

    Maximum hours/arc cycles to expect?

    What do you that use them have on them?


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    the type of work and treatment it gets would play a huge part in that. i suspect Miller has those kind of #'s in some corporate conference room but you will not likely see them.


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      When you say "lifespan" what are you looking for? Until complete failure of the entire machine?? Not going to happen. If you mean until a failure, it could be a few hours (unlikely) or several thousand. If that happens you fix it and continue welding. Considering that it is used for making money (typically) you should be thinking in terms of how many arc hours it will take to pay for it self. Over the life span of the unit you will spend far more on gas, tungsten, and consumables than you dynasty.


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        I know, but since I don't have access to this information (Considering a used Dynasty 300dx of ebay) I was trying to use what information I have which is the arc timer and arc cycles from the machines memory.

        315hr and 134,109 cycles - does this makes sense and what does this say about how the machine was used.

        315hrs seem low to me (I'd expect this machine to go into the 5000+hrs), but the 134109 arc cycles seems high and would mean 7 cycles per minute.

        For those 'true welders' (I'm just an amatuer) what does this tell me about how the machine was used?

        Push hard or not at all?


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          now i see what your looking for. i don't see how the internals in these unit would wear, i think it proves thatthe unit is reliable. Do you know what type of welding it was used for??

          Go to the motorsports forum and ask dynasty owners to post there arc time and starts with a brief description of what it is used for and if they have had any failures. I believe the 300dx is a VERY reliable unit.


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            I don't know beans about the Dynasty, but, as to general Miller longevity, I have two Miller products that are over 20 years old and still cooking. Can't beat it with a stick. If I had the bucks, I'd be all over that Dyn 300 like a bum on a baloney sammich.


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              sounds like it was used for a lot of short welds, hard to work it hard like that unless it was short due to over duty cycle, but that i would suspect would have caused them to sell it early, just too frustrating. so i would think it was used for tacking and or short welds. the 300 was always spoken well of, so if its working and at a good $$ go for it.


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                We have 6 300's and 2 350's at work. They are great machines, we bought the first one 3+ years ago and no problems with any of them yet. It's hard to say how the machine was used based on the arc starts. We weld boxs and all kinds of things at work (1/8" Alum), sometimes we make 8ft long welds. You need a pile of tacks on an 8ft weld so your arc starts will add up quickly, but when it's final weld time your giving your duty cycle a workout. Like I said we haven't had any problems, the average user will likely never make the machine break a sweat!


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